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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good New Coming Soon...

If you are reading this, you will soon find out that I am going to tell you something exciting and you have been waiting for....

I am moving to my new home!

People, I will be updating you guys whereabout is my new shack and of course will extend my invitation to you when it comes to housewarming. Please R.S.V.P. in the "post a comment", I will then know whether you are coming.

See you soon! Hopefully can post some pictures of my new home for your browsing.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Mulu National Park Adventure: 2-4 March 2007

This year round, KSS has organised a once-in-a-life-time opportunity for me and my friends to get in touch with the nature in Mulu Caves, Sarawak.

A 30-minutes fokker airplane distance from Miri airport, the place is a total isolation from the outside world. The daily supplies are either carried by the airplane or most often by boat which will arrive in 2-3 days by river. Hence, the place is still kept as a clean paradise with the local, mostly Penans community is living there.

Mulu National Park is a world heritage site gazetted by the UN. It's a place where nature is as it is. There are many fauna and flora that you have never seen before here in the Peninsula, are found there. It's amazing to note that such beautiful paradise is here in my home land, which I am really proud of.

The heritage site exploration is mostly visiting caves, i.e. Deer Caves, Wind Caves, Clearwater Caves, etc. Because the walk path and the caves conservation work have been properly maintained, visitors to this nature trail find no problem to accessing to the wild without properly the need to be geared for the wild.

One interesting feature that I saw during the visit was the beautiful helix formed bats when they come out in the evening around 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm to seek for their food supplies, i.e. mosquitoes, small bugs and insects, fruits. There are around 3 millions of bats in the caves, and the number is still growing. The study found the increase in the bat population is by way of: head count at the entrance to the cave and also the depth of the guano gathered inside the caves. Therefore, when you are inside the jungle, you will hardly get mosquitoes bite there, thanks to this small creatures with bad vision.

The river there is crystal clear. I can feel some changes in my skin tone during my three-day stay there. Most smoother complextion and of course exciting boat ride that took us to the cave to see wonderful underground caves and revitalising water source in the caves. Truly amazing!

Lots of hiking and walking were carried out during my three-day visit to this wonderful nature trails. Of course with the pleasant accomodation at Royal Mulu Resort that filled with lots of activities, e.g. Sarawak cultural dance and amiable staff support. I have enjoyed myself very much and hope to embark on nature trail sometime soon.