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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pre-CNY Dinner with colleagues @ Bagan Lalang

Yesterday, my colleagues and I (all 7 of us) had gone all the way down south to Bagan Lalang for a sumptious pre-CNY dinner. It was also to commemorate the closing for the year, as sales persons like us are pretty particular about it. Too bad the company did not provide this, therefore we have to do it on our own; well, at least we enjoyed it.

Actually, all my colleagues, except my team leader, never thought the trip to be that far in the long and winding road leading off-side from Sepang. It took us around one hour to reach Bagan Lalang. My colleagues had voiced out their dissatifaction cheekily about the distance travelled once we reach Kampung Bagan Lalang. It was quite funny if you asked me. In the end, they enjoyed too much of the laughter and the delicious seafood delights until they have forgotten about the far distance that was once grumbled upon. The delicious meal has definitely played music to it.

Kampung Bagan Lalang is next to the seaside. We could feel the cool sea breeze once we stepped on the soil of this quiet kampung. To be frank, it is quite a famous for "pak toh" as it is quite a quiet spot to chit chat and have a sumptious seafood meal all night long. I was told by my team leader that the place is packed with people from 9pm onwards and he proved to be right.

What we had for dinner was really GRAND. We have big tiger prawns (3 kg it seems), deep friend squid, sambal squid, kailan fried in Malay style, boiled crab in soup and three Ikan Bakar with "syok" sauce to accompany with. These dishes are really delicious! We even ordered too much until we have to pack it back with us. Hahaha, what a meal!

Let's hope that the gathering we have for our colleagues will always be cherished. I must say I really enjoyed their great company, on and off work. Let's do it more often, shall we?

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holidays to you guys!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006








Monday, January 23, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, a festival celebrated with all Chinese around the world.

In Malaysia, we celebrate this joyful event with everyone, including our Malay and Indian friends. It is a special and gleeful occassion as it marks the new year for the lunar calendar of the Chinese, also, resemblance a good year ahead for businesses to prosper. Therefore, though Malaysia is a multi-racial country, we still view this holiday season to be the biggest event that mark our annual calendar.

Lion Dance to bring in prosperity and good wealth

I myself am celebrating this year's Chinese New Year (29 Jan 06 - 12 Feb 06) with my relatives back in my parents' hometown at Pahang. I am looking forward to some delicious dishes that will be put onto our table during the annual reunion dinner.

The reunion dinner is special. Sons and daughters from outstation and overseas will try to come back home just to reunite and rekinder the relationship with the family on this particular day.

Members of the family will be celebrating the happy occasion together on the first day of Chinese New Year, wearing new clothes and good wishes are exchanged, and hope for everyone's good health and prosperity. Everyone will be in good mood and I believe this good feeling will snowball throughout the fifteen days of the celebration.

Chinese New Year, a joyful moment to be celebrated with the people you loved most.

Wishing all of you,

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Gua Tempurung Expedition

On 14th January, which was last Saturday, there were 10 of us, namley Jian, Shee Chia, Ally, Wei Jing, Chee Wai, Choon Hong, Horng Jau, Yin Foong, my brother and I, embarked on a Gua Tempurung Grand Tour caving expedition.

We chose to do the Grand Tour (entrance fee cost us RM 21 per person including shower; normal price is RM 22 without shower) because it is much more adventurous than the other three offered. Most importantly, it is going to be a wet one. Having nothing to be assured of how fun it would turn out to be, we just went on ahead without fear... I think.

The energy level for all of us was high. Jian, being the funniest always have his funny bones tickle, of course made us laugh and become "higher".

Anyway, we were introduced by the cave guide of the wonderful imaginative resemblance of the limstones within the cave. Remarks like kaki ah moi, monkey driving, world cup trophy, giraffe, George Bush and so forth still resonnates in my ear. It was funny how the guide can imagine things by the look at these peculiar yet special limstones. Throughout the tour, we saw some mild shine, which was emitted from the stone's crystal pieces. Beautiful indeed.

At one point of the tour, our guide just turned off the lights for two minutes just to show us how dark it is. Truly enough, it was really dark, scary dark like the chinese saying "shen shou bu jian wu zhi" (litt. cannot see the five fingers on the hand, means it is really dark). The guide even told us a story about a Singaporean couple who went caving alone without proper guide was caught in the cave for a night, and the girl who were there was so scared stiff until her crying tears dried off. I can imagine the fear she was facing at that time.

The hardest part of the expedition has yet to come. After crossing "Top of the World", the tour began its slippery and our climb began to take place. It was hard. We had to climb up steep rocks and walked down steep slippery slopes; and the most difficult part of it would be the grand slide before reaching a hole, which leads to the tunnel of underground rivers. It was scary, yet I have made it! Well done to the scary girls, and the strong young men that rendered their support!

Throughout the trip, observation of bat guano (as bat will only comes during April and May) and other creepy crawlies like spiders and crickets (python will be around in June) were in place. It's something I hardly see in real life in the city. That's what make it exciting.

At the end of the journey, we played at the marble laid natural pool and mini waterfall just to stay relax after a 4 solid-hours hardwork in the cave. It was cooling and the water is so clean and refreshing. It was a tiring and wet journey.

I enjoyed the whole trip even more because I know that the company I was with are truly marvelous and trusted partners. Hope to do more adventurous event this year, maybe water rafting?

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Recollection of memories

I was visiting my teacher, Lin Lao Shi (mdm Lim), on 12th January in Klang. The last I visited her was last year when delivering her favourite pineapple from my aunt's orchard.

This time round, I went along with another teacher, Mdm Lee, whom is a colleague of Mdm Lim.
The last time I spoken to Mdm Lim was in mid-December. From her voice, I could sense sorrow and sadness. So, I took the opportunity to pay her visit, well, sort of like a new year visit.

Being inquisitive, I inquired from Mdm Lee on the latest happenings with Mdm Lim and she told me loads of it. At least it explained why she was so down the other time through our brief telephone conversation.

I was told by Mdm Lee that Mdm Lim has been facing lots of unhappy events recently. Her husband was down with mild stroke, but fortunately recovering gradually; her grand children was diagnosed with cancer and passed on. I understand her sadness.

I am glad that Mdm Lim is in her old self again.

Mdm Lee, being an optimist, invited over her former classmate by name Lee also, who is residing not far from Mdm Lim's, to exchange gossips and news about their mutual friends.

Throughout the conversation of this friendship of more than half a century, I noticed how their friendship bloomed through time, thick and thin, and I find it unbelievable. Such strong bond within them. How I wish I could be like them when I am aged. Lots of laughter and reminisces exchanged.

Sitting at the corner, I was observing their expression and the thoughts being exchanged. It really made me ponder. News of friends demise and passed on, or contracted with ageing illness, grand children minding, and travelling to new places and recollection of fun time shared when they were younger. Great adventures like taking a bus and train ride all the way from KL to Singapore just to catch a movie (I was told that movie screened during the pre-TV time could be banned anytime if the government felt it is unfit for viewing. Also, movie is not form of entertainment but of intellectual stimulation/ eductional purpose - I was really impressed).

Well, I am glad that I have brought along my teachers and reunited them, even though for a short time. I am feel priviledged to know that my teachers are in good state of health. I truly hope they will continue to bring smiles and laughter to my life too everytime I have the time to pay them a visit. May they always be well and happy.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me...

It's the day again. The day I was born - 4th January.

It's time for celebration again.

I know it's a bit too soon, especially just few days from new year 2006 and christmas, but hey, it's my birthday, an occassion for celebration.

This year, I have received the most number of wishes, either by mail, sms or even calls. I am glad to know that the more you aged, the more messeges. Odd isn't it? Well, I find this rather interesting. As you know being an early starter of the year, it's always being forgotten. I used to remember my birthday falls on the exact day school commences or just a day or two before that. That was I have experienced. I just yearn that it will change starting this year, after quarter of the century of my life had passed.

A day prior to my real big day, I went out for dinner with my dear friend from high school, Tow Guan. He's such a sweet chap. Thanks for the dinner, pal.

On the day of my birthday, usual routine, celebrate with my loving family. We went to a Malaysian Portugese restaurant along Asian Heritage Row, Jalan Doraisamy, opposite to Sheraton Imperial KL. The food was delicious. I was actually expected something more "Portugese", but to no avail. Maybe should try it somewhere else.

On the the 5th January, you will think the music has quieted down, and the party was over. Well, not quite. So fortunate that it was Jasmine's (my pretty colleague) birthday. We celebrated our birthday bash at TGI Frday's One-Utama with our wacky colleagues. It was pure fun and lots of laughs. And, thanks for the lovely present you guys got for me and Jasmine. It is really lovely and sweet.

To share the birthday spirit too, my just-turned-father-a-year-ago colleague, Lucas also put on a one-year old party for her little cute princess. It was a rainy night and the event was held at Lian Bee's Cafe at Bukit Raja, Klang. Chen, always the supportive sport, was there too. After that, we went to Lucas' hut for a drink of the pricey red wine. yum~

Since this year I didn't celebrate the occassion with my SMART gang, so, I thought maybe Steve's house warming party could do the trick for a get together. And it really did. They had cake (not for me, but for the house... oh, what the heck. Hahaha.) It was great to see familiar faces again, eating sumptious meal (nasi tomato, rendang chicken, spicy chicken, curry chicken, salad-"why so many different chicken dishes?"), chatting and dancing till 2am (I wonder if he should invite the neighbours to join the fun, at least to save the complaints, hahaha), and of course, not forgetting the generous alcohol servings you will always get at Steve's place. It was a night to remember.

It was a very delightful birthday celebration, well, sort of if you minus off Steve's housewarming party. I have enjoyed myself very much, laughing and smiling, just like old times. Geez, am I getting older or what?

Happy Birthday to myself. May the new year also be a better year ahead for me.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Big-sized Issue

Whenever people associate the word "big-size", it always comes with negative connotations like ugly, fat, mean, hideous, clumsy and so on. How come?

It all makes sense when you just observed a little. Look around.

Because of the social norm or rather pressure for petite figure, and also thanks to mass advertising or commercial for slimming products and services, making big-sized people feel more intimidated or rather made them feel small on the inside.

oh no ...

I have noticed that people who are big-sized have somewhat of a psychologically disorder, feeling somewhat short-changed. Though you see them big, they may not be as big hearted, nor big in their pockets not even big in their hugs.

Always the same question pops up, "WHY ME?".

Mentally disorder sets in.

From survey for current job market, beautiful people have higher chance to secure a job. Well, that's explainsed. It's always an advantage if you ask me. Bosses like you more, customers love you more, even your friends love you even more.

Is being big a crime? If not, how come people feel happy when keep on consuming high calories, high colesterol food produce; yet sad or lousy at the same time when being labeled "BIG". You are what you eat anyway.

It's lame, and it's stupid. I even noticed a fat woman called another big woman as fat. Duh~

In actual fact, nobody love big-sized people.

It's a social crisis. Intimidated people who are deprived, will generally excel in other areas, normally using either the good method or bad means to the end (usually bad cos it's easier). It's just plain sad when talking (if you managed to out-talk them) to these people on this issue, you will end up suffering internal bleeding more often than not. Save your breath, keep your pressure low, brother. You can't talk sense to these people.

So, I guess slimming companies mushrooming in the state has comewhat being saviour to these "under-priviledged" people. Not just that, an economy booster to the slowing economy would be a much more positive outlook to this. But the funny part is, not big-sized people patron, but those who has shirt label "XS" (denotes extra-small) go.

Why is that? I once asked a big-sized fellow. You know what answer I got, "Aiyah, kiasu-lah these people." or "What?! You think I am fat ah? HAH! I don't need it."

See, denial. No cure then. How to help?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy to you people who are reading this.

Just wish this year would be a good year for me, as it is to you, as 2005 had been a mixed year.

Going back to work has been indifference to me commencing this year; not as passionate as I set out to be. Was it because I have not renewed my commitment this year to the company? Was I too tired of fighting over things that seem petty but important to foster our relationship with our customers? Was it chasing over dreams that could not be achievable, no matter how hard I try? Or was I no longer care and fall into the Malaysia Tidak Apa grouping? I think my answer to these would be all of the above.

New year, New year. It is never as fun as before. Have I lost the New Year spirit? or it marked that I have already grown out of the new year trend? So many unanswered questions that needed answers.

I just hope that it will turn out to be a better year.

Happy New Year everyone!