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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Childhood Friends

I was having a lunch appointment with my customer at her old-time childhood friend's restaurant. I then realized that looking back, I have no childhood friends, which some of you are reading this would feel sad for me.

It's true, nonetheless, because of the environment I am living in. I was staying in the government quarters in all my childhood years. Mind you, all my neighbours are either Malays or Indians. We don't play together, just normal hi-and-bye neighbours. However, when there are kenduri(s), we were invited to join in for the sake of being neighbours. Even for the primary school friends come and go (I was a transferred students from other school), so, not much friends to make along the way.

How I wish I have some childhood friends to exchange ideas with. It would have been nice to have them around when you most needed them.

For you who have any, please cherish them, as they are just as good as gold.

Thursday, May 24, 2007





最近上了一堂有趣的課堂。是有關《企業的改變》的熱門課題。一個大企業,要是執著他們的理念,一成不變的管理方式,很可能顧客排側此類的企業,很快地將會被社會淘汰。當然,老字號公司企業不會承認這一點,特別是China-man Companies,不像跨國公司有著前衛的開竅式企業方針。這是很可悲的現實。要是改變可以增加利潤,增加銀業額,提升職員的工作效率,何樂而不爲?


Friday, May 11, 2007

Wine Talk @ CoChine Lounge & Restaurant

Yesterday, I went for a wine talk organized by UOB Lady's Card at CoChine Lounge & Restaurant @ Asian Heritage Row (it is actually in Bar Savahn). The speaker of the day is a consultant for fine dining and wine, Mr. Thomas, who gave some background information of wine appreciation.

Yesterday wine appreciation featured four types of wine, i.e. Semillon Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot & Shiraz, from Logan Estate's Apple Tree Vineyard in New South Wales, Australia.

Simple personal notes to share:

A) Factors that affects the quality of the wine:
1) Types & Variety of Grapes
2) Climate
3) Weather Condition
4) Soil
5) How to tend the grapes (viticulture)
6) Crop cultivation

B) Harvest Seasons for wine:
Northern Hemisphere: August - October
Southern Hemispher: February - April

C) White Wines
- Semillon Sauvignon, Blanc (greener taste, cool climate, sensitive breed, herbs & asparagus flavor)
- Chardonnay (King of white wine, citrus flavour)
- Reisling
- Semillon

D) Red Wines
- Pinot Noir (balance taste, light, berry and fruity)
- Merlot (light)
- Chardonnay Souvignon (dark & thick, mix, bitter sweet, mint & currants)
- Shiraz (name from Iranian grapes, added spices and peppery taste, sharp dry and dark colored)

E) Colour Changes (from light to dark as aged)
i) For Red: Red - Mahogany - Crimson - Purple
ii) For White: White - Yellow - Brown

F) Tasting Methods (4S)
i) Sight - See the Color by holding partially filled glass against a white background, observe the depth and nuances of colour to offer clues about the wine

ii) Swirl - The action of swirling releases more aromas into the air.

iii) Smell - Put the glass of swirled wine to nose and sniff. The olfactory inspection is one of the most important and most overlooked aspects of wine tasting.

iv) Savour - Take a sip of wine and hold it in mouth. As moving around the mouth, focus on the weight, body, texture and flavors. After 15 or so seconds, swallow or spit the ine and consider the finish.

Now you are tasting like professionals!

Monday, May 07, 2007





可是,搬家是一個花費相當高的活動。一生中,不可能搬動太多,以免荷包大出血就不好了。說罷,自己這一次搬家已花上兩万塊錢買家具還有定做衣櫥和廚房炊具。真的,有時還真搞不懂我的一位朋友可以不停地搬遷,一,哪兒來的錢?二,哪兒來的閑情?, 三,哪兒來的時間?對我而言,搬家真的不容易,看來這幾個月的零用錢也還得省著用。


Friday, May 04, 2007

Golfing in Staffield Country Resort

Labour day, a perfect holiday to go golfing with my new Japanese friends.

Stepping into the green in the afternoon is not a very enjoyable thing to do. But, with golf, no matter how hot the weather becomes, in the end, it's still the fun in the game and the companionship that counts.

The golfing experience was fantastic. I do not feel so much pressure as I used to during other games, except putting. Maybe all of us are amateurs, that's why. Overall, I still do good (the score is with my friends). I must really thank Mr. Namiki for being a wonderful teacher in imparting me some basic skills in golf, which I will never forget.

We went to Staffield Country Resort, as my new friend, Mr Sakuma is a patron to the club. This club is a 27-hold course. Details: Batu 13, Seremban-KL, 71700 Mantin, Negeri Sembilan, Tel: (03) 8766 6117.

London Symphony Orchestra Performance: 2 May 2007

It was a lovely wednesday evening at MPO on 2 May 2007. The London Symphony Orchestra was in town to bring their finest music performance to the Malaysian audience. It was a delightful evening, which my mother, brother and I enjoyed most.

The orchestra has a large composition of members, with rough estimation around 100 members. The music they played that night were from Antonin Dvorak: The Spinning Wheel, and the encore piece is the famed Star Wars Theme, which was also originally played by this wonderful orchestra.

From my encounter with MPO, I realised that different orchestra does have a signifant difference by he way the performance set to bring forth. Superb quality performance by London Symphony Orchestra simply marvelled and mesmerised the audience just by the discipline and focused performance that the audience simply enjoy.

It was a lovely sound-of-music evening. Music does bring life.

Bravo to London Symphony Orchestra!