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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fridge Magnets

Recently, I have started the crazy hobby of fridge magnet collection. My dear friends got me some wonderful magnets from other parts of the world for my hobby cravings, which I really thank them very much.

Aso had got me some cute ones from Japan; Chee Hooi got me during her Europe tour last month; dear old pal Steve got me two lovely magnets too from London. That's so sweet of you guys, thanks.

Now, with my other collections from my recent visits to Cambodia,Langkawi and Korea. Of course, some are souvenirs from my brother and others are free gifts from merchandise purchase.

Now I am in a dilemma to remove the plastic off them or still have them on. Pros: keep away the dusts; cons: there's always a shiny surface which you can't tell what magnets are they until you get closer + it doesn't stick too well on fridge with plastic on.

Anyone with a perfect strategy for my obsession for fridge magnet?