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Sunday, June 24, 2007

It's a happy sunday~

Working today. But was a really happy Sunday.

Birds singing from my roof, early morning boost of koko crunch with milk and fruit juice, and enjoying Japanese drama with my brother early in the morning. What a wonderful morning to start with.

My brother was clearing the front porch top, and found the suspected home to the nestled birds. It turned out to be my mischievous brother has thrown his frisbee out of fun and left it there quietly for us to hunt around, and of course for the little birdies to build their nest.

Left for work in a happy mood, especially a favourite song was played over the radio. The singalong during the car-ride definitely lifted my spirit for the day.

It's a happy sunday! And I'm loving every moment of it!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Life is so unfair

After much into the working world, the more I realised that life is pretty unfair. Of course, I think that's what god has made it so just to have more exciting moments for everyone to enjoy/suffer, depends how you look at it. Imagine, everyone with the same life, so boring isn't it?

The more I think of it, the more puzzled I become. If that is the case, life is definitely so unfair. No wonder at time, we can become so annoyed, so frustrated with certain results that was meant to be. Even more so, if it is something that you can't talk about, because it is a no-no. What a bullshit!

Like a Chinese sayings: among the ten fingers, there are of no equal length. I guess life upon us is just the same as our tiny fingers sitting on our hands.

I guess our destiny and our fate can determine the course of our future. Just make things better when it comes along, instead of pure comparing.

Life is definitely unfair whether I like it or not, life goes on. And so am I.