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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Water Rafting @ Kuala Kubu Bharu: 12 August 2006

Well, another exciting chapter of our outing this year with my former housemates-cum-ex-school-mates-cum-my brotherhood friends!

The idea came by when we were having our caving session at Gua Tempurung earlier this year. So, here it is after half a year. At least we finally made it!

Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB), here we come!

Though this time was without the other girls (Guang Jian's, Wei Jing's ex and my friend, Yin Foong), it was more fun and exciting; with exception of a new friend, Kei from Hiroshima, to join in for the fun.

I was told earlier by the operator that the dam might release the water earlier on 12th August, so we decided to make our headstart the soonest to this 50km-away-from-KL peaceful little town called Kuala Kubu Bharu for the excitement awaiting us.

Since we were to leave early for the trip, I have decided to make a nutritious breakfast special for the guys - three-tier ham with cheese and eggs sandwich and Vitagen!

We gathered around 0900 at KKB's post office, and we head straight to MRSM to park our car under the bushes. Then, we were shuttled with van or four-wheel drive to the rafting site upstream of the river before the dam gate.

A short safety briefing was given by the operator, Ms. Marjorie (a.k.a Marjie). It was fun to know that there were 14 people (9 from our end; and 5 others: guei lo & their local girlfriends) joining with 6 guides on three rafts (two big one small) to this wonderful place we call nature.

Let the excitement begin!

Wei Jing, with a on-recovery knee, was going down a steep hill, sounded regretful, although I know he was in joking manner, as usual.

The rafting took us around two and a half hours to finish the rafting course of 5 km downstream. It was an achievement. We went along the rapids, with the cute names like "chicken drop", "big swirls", "grand canyon" etc. It was kind of fun.

We were told by the guide that the Selangor Dam was releasing the water much earlier than anticipated, which was why we had to race against time to finish the course the soonest before all got stuck between the rocks.

"Paddle forward! Harder! Harder! HARDER!" were some of the commands heard on the raft, though mixed with few giggles and laughters. We were like obedient soldiers paddled with all our might just to make sure the raft was going on course.

I had experienced a drop-out from the raft at "Chicken Drop", and was bobbled under water with my paddle stuck between my legs. And to keep my slippers intact, while struggling to get out of this menace of being sandwiched between the forceful little waterfall and the raft. I was actually hungry for air. When I finally got out of the water with the help of the guide (he threw a safety rope to my rescue, thanks), I was so blessed! Even more so, that I managed to save my slippers. Wonderful experience, but kind of scary.

The last league was a smooth float on the surface of Selangor Dam. So quiet and relaxing. I was able to observe the beautiful skies with formation of clouds into different shapes and sizes. With also birds playing catch with its mates, and I was surrounded by greens. So lovely and I just wished that time could freeze for a moment.

As everyone changed out of their wet clothes, we head for our reward for the day - fulfilling lunch! We even had a buffet round-table lunch. Everybody gobbled down the food like hungry wolves. We left for home after that.

I have had my share of fun. Looking at the tiring yet happy faces, I was glad that this outing turned out well. Hope to see you guys soon for our next outing!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shabu-shabu dinner, wine drinking & Shisha?

Being too idle that evening, I have asked to join Kei for a shabu-shabu dinner at Daisaku Robata at Wisma Keck Sing.

I was introduced to his colleagues, Kimura and a Morrocan guy, Fadallah.

Hiraki, the other colleague, latter join in for the dinner with a very refreshed look. It has been good to see him again after so long. I guess when you have four guys and a girl, most likely the conversation tends to be male-dominant. Trust me, you won't want to know the content of the conversation!

Shabu-shabu with beef fillet sounds awesome as it has been a while since I have that after Sasaki left and of course with Kate not around most of the time now. Oh, how I missed these dinners with these people I love so dearly.

The dinner was enjoyable. Though thrawling my tired body after waking up early for my golf competition earlier, I guess I am just not used to sleeping, early though I felt my eyes were shutting.

Hiraki left us for his beauty sleep for a fresh start next day for his golfing with Namiki. I guess Namiki was in his slumber land already during that conversation.

The three housemates (Kei, Kimura & Fadallah are housemates) decided to head to somewhere more interesting. Not wanting to be a party spoiler, reluctantly, I was tagging along. We went to this open-space in front of StarHill Gallery, Lecka-lecka (a place famous for its iced yogurt). The guys, all smokers, enjoy a thing call Shisha also known as Hookah (a tabacco smoking pipe with pipe filled with charcoal on top, with sweeten flavoured water at the bottom container, see picture)

I had my share of red wine, I have probably consumed three small glasses, and took some memorable pictures before I called it a day.

Thanks for dinner & of course the company of great fun and laugh. And Kimura, you might want to keep your tongue inside. ^;^

KSS Golf Competition: 5 August 2006

Once again, our sports club organised an annual event of golf for those golf lovers. This time round, it was held at Monterez Golf Club.

I have invited my golf-loving Namiki to join me for this competition.

It sounds ironic, as a not-so-good player like me could have made this KSS Golf competition my first experience of competiting in a game which I am not so familiar with. No wonder I was so stressful, which Namiki occasionally teased me on, "Golf is play, not work; there's no need to be stressful", he advised. Yeah, probably he was right, I was taking things to serously, especially when everyone was watching!

The first nine, lady luck was not at my side. I was doing quite badly as my stroke has not been smooth. I have expected my ball to at least take flight, as a result from my weekly practice at the driving range, but the truth turned out to be quite the opposite.

Despite that, the second nine does come better after a few swing, my confidence also boosted up like my swing. Thanks to Poh Choo, my veteran golfer flight member.

I must thank Namiki and Poh Choo for their generous and continued support along the whole 18 hole. Without them, I could not have unleased my potential that much.

It was a wonderful game. Golf, a game that makes everyone a winner. Though Namiki and I didn't win any prizes nor the lucky draw, but both of us felt that we have at least enjoyed ourselves.

Let's do it again next year!