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Monday, January 15, 2007









Money, money, money

Life is full of surprises. Like I am now at this cyber cafe with the game-freaks playing with their speakers at the max of the disebel. I think I am going to get deaf soon if I am still in this cramp 20' x 65' shop for another minute. Thinking about these youth, even a young child of 5 year-old who is sitting next to me playing games with their pocket money, I am so envy. How come I didn't get that much money to play when I was younger? Lucky buggers!

When you talk about money, everyone gets excited and anything is full of surprises. Just this afternoon during lunch, my colleagues and bosses were happily discussing about investing into stock market, and making money out of it. Looks like everyone is jumping into the stock market bandwagon. The market has been performing like a bull commencing last Christmas and still going strong. The trend is expected to last until the coming Chinese New Year. So, good year ahead to invest.

Then, I discovered that Lucas's article has mentioned in his article of making money with simple idea at hand, such as a tiny pixel on the website. So, making your ideas work, means worth instant millions for you. I think I will just have to re-evaluate my options of being passively working my butts off to chipping into some funky ideas that may have a 50% chance of survival to make my millions. Do I dare? Hmm...

Even now and then, I was approached by my so-called friends to join them in their MLM schemes to make the extra bugs. Perhaps, a way to increase wealth is through this methodology that help them to make the million quicker, part-time. Maybe it works for them, good luck; but it doesn't work for me. Drastic measures with surging results, perhaps?

Everything is expensive nowadays. No wonder everyone is talking about increasing self-worth in dollars and cents. Gone were the days of where ambition comes first. $$$$ will be the talk from now. No money, no talk. As simple as that. Maybe it is because the cut-throat standard of living without any marginal increase of our bank account or wages that makes this world a pathetically superfluous and materialistic world to be. Succumb to society's pressure.

Life is definitely full of surprises. I didn't expect that the drastic measure that everyone is taking could be leading to such a result. Just hope that this year will be an exciting turn for everybody to make their bugs.

Happy Investing! And keep the money $$$ rolling in.