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Friday, May 30, 2008

Passion at lost

Yesterday, meeting with a dear friend whom I have not seen for a year. It was great to see him again. But the only difference is, this time, compared to a year ago, I hardly saw any glow of passion in his eyes as the years before.

Talking over dinner, I realized that his current situation and realized it is possible that he has lost his passion and motivation that he had set forth of achieving when he was younger. I was suggesting to him to look at different perspectives and revisit his priority and his motivation again.

While talking to him, I realized things change for every individual though within a short period of time. My friend, E, as I observed, has also experienced similar transformation. What I have gathered was that when you have other priority at hand, things will recourse its way to suit the current needs and wants that you have desired it to be.

I guess I hope my dear friend will find his new course of direction, and rekinder with his passion again. Good luck, mate!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Pain of sales promoter

I have been standing on my feet for the past week for at least 6-8 hours. And, I must say, it is quite a painful experience. My feet numbed and I could feel the pain while walking.

I wonder how could the sales promoters in the shopping malls could endure such a dreadful chore of standing with a smile? Was it because of extra training that I was not aware of, or there are some kind of remedy to put on your soared feet before/after the standing ovation? To me, it's amazing how anyone could stand in a confined area which so much patience for such a long period.

From now on, I totally salute the job of a sales promoter. Thank you for your service.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

WCIT 2008: 18-22 May 2008

Yesterday marked the ending of the four days event at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre of World Congress of Information Technology (WCIT), the Malaysian Chapter. It was a remarkable four-day event with hundreds of renown exhibitors sharing the excitement of enable businesses, empower societies and enrich economies. In 2 years time, The Netherlands would take over as the host of the fruitful event of bringing expertise together in the IT arena.

I was volunteering at the B2B meeting area, where every potential business opportunity are met in this wonderful small coffee areas to discuss partnership and business solicitation. It was a great feeling to know that every little action I took to make it happened would make a great day for our delegates. It was an experience for me and of course to the delegates I served.

Service above self. That's what I have learnt in this event.

Not forgetting I have made lots of friends which I have worked together. They are: Wei Hong, June, CJ, Jonathan, Jasmine, Siti, Hazira, Yao Loong, Marina, Dian, Diana and Elaine. They are marvellous people I have enjoyed working with, and hope we could meet some other time after this event. All the best!

Enable, Empower, Enrich, WCIT~





Sunday, May 18, 2008





Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dinner Party: 10 May 2008

Yesterday, I hosted a dinner party for eight - Victor, Fedelia, John, Boon Yew, June, Li Yuin, Eng Teng and Andrew.

I have tried to do a different recipe this time - marmite prawns, pumpkin kuih, ABC soup, and salt-baked chicken. The first three turned out delicious, but only to my disappointment that the salt-baked chicken has been dipped into the sea of salt (too salty). Overall, it was a good dinner. We also had delicious salad from June, KFC sponsored by Eng Teng, and Connetto Minis from Fedelia. It was tantalizing delights for everyone.

After a fulfilling dinner, we played Scrabbles for almost an hour; until Andrew arrived and we played a game called 'Mafia'. The game 'Mafia' is a simple game where each person is given a card with pre-determined icons for Mafia, Doctor and Civilians. As the names indicated, the Mafia kills Civilian & Doctors, and Doctors heals. The scenario goes like this:

A facilitator distributes cards to everyone. After reviewing your cards, you are asked to close your eyes. Facilitator would then asked only the person holding the 'Mafia' card to open their eyes and determine who to kill. Then, the 'Mafia' will shut their eyes. Then, facilitator to ask the person holding the 'Doctor' card to choose a person to heal. Then, 'Doctor' shut eyes again. After that, facilitator would announce whether anyone was killed by 'Mafia'. There may be instances whereby the 'Doctor' might heal the person got murdered at random. Basically, after all the 'killings', everyone needs to guess who is the 'Mafia' in order to win. If not, in the end, 'Mafia' will win.

It may sound complex, but once you are at it, you will enjoy the game for hours. Recommended players: 7 people and more. The more the merrier.

We played until 2am, and everyone tired. Mom made some delicious longan drinks for everyone.

It was a fun and enjoyable night. At least it's healthy, cost-savings (not to me, hee hee), and most importantly, we are enjoying ourselves in a safe environment.

Maybe next round, we could have Fedelia's secret recipe of roast chicken and some side dishes for a change. Shall we?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Scrapbook Workshop

This afternoon, I went for a scrap book workshop at Papier, The Curve, which I have signed up earlier.

It was a wonderful experience to have learn to do my own scrapbook, the way to use new tools to add effects on the scrapbook layout and feel. There were some hiccups there when I started to do the cutting, as I do have a rotary trimmer. I actually can feel the fast pace and I was so overwhelmed by it that I was at the first few minutes wanted to give up scrap booking forever. Boy, was I wrong! I was beginning to enjoy every minute of it after my friendly neighbour, Elaine's help. She helped me to cut the strips of papers needed. And I thank her for her kind generosity and her wonderful assistance.

The teacher, Kah-Mei Smith from FontWerks, has shared her experience in doing up a simple yet beautiful scrapbook.

Overall, it was an amazing experience learning new things in life; even though it was quite tough for me as I do not possess the artistic nor the creativity of art in my blood. But I am not giving up and try my hands on some new ideas the next time. Hee hee~

If you would like to participate in future workshops, you could go to the shop or contact the owner, Macy Chew @ Papier, Lot 161, 1st Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, Malaysia. Contact: 03-7725 4815.

Have fun and enjoy.

Friday, May 02, 2008