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Friday, June 26, 2009


Have you ever been pushed to a corner, and see what will happen. The most likely answer is you will retaliate by action. Whenever a person is pushed to a corner against his/her will, that is what is going to happen.

Like Einstein said "Every action has its reaction".

Thursday, June 04, 2009




江陰是一個人口只有一百二十万人口的地方小鎮。距離上海兩個小時車程,大約一百四十公里左右。這個城鎮有著遠道而名的华夏第一村--華西村。江陰三寳,吳仁寳是其中一位,還有江陰三奇 -- 明代著名地理學家徐霞客,江陰顧山紅豆樹,唐代異高憎道松所寫的心經碑等等一些鮮爲人知的奇事無所不有。當然不忘那裏山明水秀的風景和文化交流。


General Motors is bankrupt!

Demise of General Motors

I have seen this coming even few years back. Back then, reading some of the great biographies and books on General Motors (GM), I can tell the end of General Motors is coming, but only the question "when?".

This is not a surprising issue, it's nothing new either. But it does tell a story of arrogance and naiveness in its strategies along the years by great Fortune 500 companies, which was once giant company that earnings could buy up a few small third world countries.

Doubled with the worsening global economy, would there be more of bankruptcy, like GM, to come? The marketing books we learnt in school, the image of trustworthy American firms are shaken by the reality of the current situation.

A century-old company ending in such a hasty manner. It's sad indeed. It's a great sadness, anger and frustration, not only to the loyal customers of General Motors, the employees, the shareholders, the normal Americans who viewed General Motors the Hero and Pride of America. All is lost but the memories of the Americans and the rest of the world.

May GM rest in peace...