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Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. It's her 51st Birthday. By looking at her age and her actual looks, it can be really deceiving, as she is not as old as her age sounds.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Just a quick updates on the activities on her birthday:

We had a Japanese lunch at KLCC today, courtesy of my younger brother. Followed by a aquarium tour at Aquaria @ KLCC. I am quite amazed that the KLCC aquarium is huge and I should say it is considered as one of the best aquarium in Malaysia. The fun part of the whole aquarium tour is that revolving tunnel, where you can see fishes swimming all over the place, while standing on a conveyor belt. Of course, not forgetting handsome divers feeding these fishes. There are so many colourful tropical fishes around and you will find it interesting to know that they are really cute and beautiful, especially the one with the big eye (I love that one), and another interesting thing is that you can't really find a Jellyfish here (which by the way brought it up by my younger brother). I wonder why?

The tour took us around 1 hour. It's worthwhile to go once in a while, especially if you have guests from overseas, outstation or even with kids. I should say it's something different from the normal activities you would do in the town center. Try it!

In any shopping mall that we go, our family will end up at bookstore. This time we are at Kinokuniya, and we just call it "Kinos" just for the fun of it. Bought a travel book 世界旅游图鉴 for RM 69.

We then headed to Jalan Doraisamy for our Turkish dinner. My brother had a reservation for 6:30pm. It has an exotic design with decorations from the Turkey or Meditteranean setting. We ordered some salad, pita bread, kebab and some other Turkish delicacies. It is simply delicious! The ambience was great and the food was fantastic! I will recommend my friends to this place for our next gathering.

It was a tiring day for all of us, especially to my mom. I am glad that we have spent quality time together on her big day! Wish to do it more of these activities with my loved ones.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

和Ole Cafe的接觸

很早以前已經知道Ole Cafe的存在。原因是到過它隔壁的德國餐館用膳,不經意的看到了Ole Cafe。當時,真的沒想過踏進去探索個究竟,根本沒想過和不太熱衷於咖啡的我混爲一談。

在巧妙的機緣下,和同事Mei的鼎立推薦,加上她的男朋友的網頁簡介吉隆坡的十大好去處,所以再次對Ole Cafe起了莫大的好奇。

真正踏進店面的第一步是在Mei的生日大好日子。眼前一亮的裝飾,配合起老闆與工作人員的熱誠以及殷勤的招待,真的打動了我。也促使我往後的大好節日,也不忘有在Ole Cafe慶祝一番的衝動。 自從那一次開始,每當晚間到吉隆坡一帶,總是不忘在Ole Cafe呆一會兒,好好享受它那撲滿著濃密咖啡香味的歡樂氣氛。



剛剛到過Ole Cafe, 和熊大哥握手道別時,發現自己給予他的那只手,還真握得不夠誠意。在回家的路途上,心中感覺有點不爽,也難過。


上網查詢有關握手的技巧, 知道握手其實是一種禮儀,對別人的尊重和禮貌。我相信因为这种手与手的礼貌接触是建立並持續友誼的開端,所以,一定要使握手產生感染力。



Our Gathering: Luna Bar & Ole Cafe

It's been a while since we the SMART-alect had gathered. If it's not for the sake of beautiful Andrew, I think it would be difficult for all of us to accomodate each other's tight schedule. Frankly speaking, it has been quite a while since we met.

I really missed the fun that we had together, i.e. sharing jokes, sadness, frustration, even great games together. Those were the days I guess. So, all the wait is worthwhile.

Tonight, I am proud to say the turnout was great! At least we have the magnificent 7: Me, Andrew, Fedelia, Han, Foong Wan, Eng Teng and Chee Hooi. It's sort of a welcome-back celebration for our Andrew from Shanghai, before he leaves again for his posting in Manila in a week's time. How tragic!

Our first stop: Luna Bar @ Pan Global Not as exciting as I have imagined when Andrew telling me about it in the first place. But yes, it is a magnificent place with great views of KL night life. And of course, not forgetting the limited "standees" a.k.a. tables. If it's not for the rain, it would have been great. At least Andrew got the window seat he wanted.

Second & last stop: Ole Cafe. Since the inception of my introduction of Ole Cafe to Fedelia and Andrew, they seem to be liking this place so much that we ended up being there most of the time, or almost, whenever we are in KL. We wanted a roof-over tonight and decided to head to this cosy cafe for a nice cup of coffee or tea, relaxing, chat and games (we always play there, it's like back to our childhood, how nice!) Too bad time is running out (as the cafe is not running on a 24/7 shift), if not, we will be there the whole night playing Pictorial. Hahaha.

I do hope that we could do this more often. I would love that.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Fighting Spirit

I have always admired revolutionalists for their persistent, dedicated and patient fight for the rights, justice and freedom of the ideology that they par-take.

How could these people like Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, Abraham Lincoln, can be fighting all their life for the greatness of the people, who will benefit from these revolutionalists' journey of unfolding the truth and courageously seeking the freedom of a sane humatarian point of view? I just wonder with awe.

A person without a dream is a total lost. A person without a spirit to live fulfilly is a total lost too.

I just couldn't help by inspired by these people's strong will to live on, and continuously fighting for what justice behold, fighting for the rights and defeat the wrongs. I really admire their courage.

It made me wonder why I do not possess such courage to fight for what I believe is right? Why do I keep feeling depressed when everything is not going the way I wanted? Is my spirit to live and fight has diminished over time without me realizing? Or maybe I am just too tired to fight the strong tide that crosses my path? Yes! Maybe I am tired, maybe I am sick of waking up every morning to succumb to the same wonderful fairytale that I have forced myself to believe in.

I need to change, change for the betterment! I want to leave this misery behind. I must continue my quest to fighting, keep my fighting spirit burning to the brightest than any mankind has witnessed. I CAN DO IT!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005


今天突然兴起,和友人一同到Dataran Prima去享用美味丰富的螃蟹大餐。




Monday, October 24, 2005







Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ironic - Alanis Morissette

An old man turned ninety-eight
He won the lottery and died the next day
It's a black fly in your Chardonnay
It's a death row pardon two minutes too late
Isn't it ironic ... don't you think

It's like rain on your wedding day
It's a free ride when you've already paid
It's the good advice that you just didn't take
Who would've thought ... it figures

Mr. Play It Safe was afraid to fly
He packed his suitcase and kissed his kids good-bye
He waited his whole damn life to take that flight
And as the plane crashed down he thought
'Well isn't this nice...'
And isn't it ironic ... don't you think
Repeat Chorus

Well life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
When you think everything's okay and everything's going right
And life has a funny way of helping you out when
You think everything's gone wrong and everything blows up
In your face

It's a traffic jam when you're already late
It's a no-smoking sign on your cigarette break
It's like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife
It's meeting the man of my dreams
And then meeting his beautiful wife
And isn't it ironic... don't you think
A little too ironic... and yeah I really do think...
Repeat Chorus

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you
Life has a funny, funny way of helping you out
Helping you out



故事很簡單,是一部導演用心良苦給予觀衆重大啓示的電影。故事啓示: 生命是一個過程,是不能重來的。那麽,人與人之間不就應該給予多一些理解和寬容嗎?別像故事裏的光仔一樣,等到囘不去了才明白,後悔莫及也是太遲了。


我 想,每個人也曾經有過同樣的感慨和欲望。何不從現在開始改變我們的觀點,更寬容些包容並原諒別人的過錯呢?當我們不理解別人的時候,當我們感到委屈的時 候,不妨也往別人的角度去考慮一下。有些時候,有些情況下,做錯事情,並不是故意的。那麽,生活不是更美好,世界不是更美麗嗎?

看了這部電影,對生命也有所感慨 -- 人生也只不過如此,是非常短暫的。儘管我們賺到很多的錢,千金還是難買寸光陰的。正如電影裏頭的怪博士/老伯所說的,生命是一個過程,可悲的是它不能夠重來;可喜的是,它也不需要重來,正是貼切。



These days, the rainy season really makes me feel lazy.

I can sense that I am reluctant to climb out from my sleep, or even do anything enthusiastic these days with these weather coming. I am just plain lazy.

Why have I such a lazy mood these days? Even my colleague noticed that too. It's so embarrassing! Wish I could just dig a hole to hide myself in the cosily.

Maybe I am not myself these days. Maybe I am just too tired to be in this weather. Luckily enough I am not in a four-season country where winter has its toll in these people's lives. Or else, I would be too lazy even to write anything here. Hahaha.

Well, I guess with the transition of the season, and urshering of Raya and Deepavali, will change my mood swiftly.


"If you don't see these signs, you are LOST!"

My brother and I just laughed about it when we talked about it yesterday evening while on our way to my cousin brother's house-warming party. We somehow got lost somewhere in between, and the direction given was not exactly what it represents. So, I think that's what makes it difficult, especially when we are on a different district on the map.

It's very amusing to know that it is something we laughed about, yet can be agitated when we are in deperate situation to find the exact road map to the destination we are heading to. Well, at least we have something to remember by everytime when we got lost.

I remembered vividly on one occassion when we were travelling to dinner in Klang with a bunch of bubbly friends. We somehow got lost at one of the interchange, which happened to be "Jalan Meru". M-E-R-U, which sounds like "Milu"迷路 in mandarin means "lost the way". How ironic! I have a great laugh even till now.

Getting lost can be really fun, if you asked me. Of course, not all people see the same light to the end of the tunnel as I do. But hey, use the same road where you came from lah. Actually coming to that, getting lost can be a new experience all together, where you will find a totally different scenery altogether for a change, and discover a different side of life for that matter. It would be awesome!

So, getting lost is not such a bad experience, provided you have sufficient petrol, cellphone and money.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

To Get Ahead, Use Your Head by Harvey Mackay

I'm the last person in the world who would tell you not to work hard. I'm also the first one to remind you that working hard must also be tempered by working smart, or you might just be wasting a load of effort. There is a reason why we were born with both muscles and brains.

Consider the story of two lumberjacks in a tree-cutting contest. Both were strong and determined, hoping to win the prize. But one was hardworking and ambitious, chopping down every tree in his path at the fastest pace possible, while the other appeared to be a little more laid back, methodically felling trees and pacing himself. The go-getter worked all day, skipping his lunch break, expecting that his superior effort would be rewarded. His opponent, however, took an hour-long lunch, then resumed his steady pace. In the end, the eager beaver was dismayed to lose to his "lazier" competition. Thinking he deserved to win after his hard work, he finally approached his opponent and said, "I just don't understand. I worked longer and harder than you, and went hungry to get ahead. You took a break, and yet you still won. It just doesn't seem fair. Where did I go wrong?" The winner responded, "While I was taking my lunch break, I was sharpening my ax."

Hard work will always pay off; smart work will pay better. Remember back in college, there were the kids who studied all day and all night, but still struggled to pass exams? Then there were the kids who studied hard but also found time for a game of cards or basketball, and still aced every test. Both groups studied the same material, attended the same lectures taught by the same professors, and took the same test. Was the second group just that much more brilliant? Maybe, but my money's on the way they approached their material and learned how to study. If they were smart, they applied those same principles after graduation: work hard, but work smart.

That's a lesson that can be learned by even young children. A little girl visiting a watermelon farm asked the farmer how much a large watermelon cost. "Three dollars," he told her. "But I only have thirty cents," the little girl said. The farmer looked around his field, and feeling sorry for the little girl, pointed at a small watermelon and said, "That one's thirty cents." "Oh good," she replied as she paid him, "Just leave it on the vine and I'll be back in a month to get it."

Call it creativity, call it ingenuity, call it whatever: I call it using your head. Knowing how to analyze a situation and how to execute an action plan will put you ahead of the game in the long run. There's nothing wrong with having a leg up on your competition - it's how you win. The combination of hard work and smart work is the formula for success. Think about what needs to be done, and then think again about the best way to accomplish it - not necessarily the way you've always done it, or the fastest way, and certainly not the hardest way. Never make work harder than it has to be. That's just a colossal waste of time.

Perhaps the ingenuity award goes to the fellow who came to the Canadian border on his motorcycle, carrying two saddlebags strapped across his seat. The border guards asked the obvious question, "What's in your saddlebags?" "Rocks," was the reply. So the guards emptied the bags to check out his story. Sure enough, all they found were rocks. So they sent him on his way. The next week, the same fellow came to the crossing, again on a motorcycle, again with the same payload. The guards checked once again, and found more rocks. Off he went. The scene repeated itself weekly for several months, until finally the guards couldn't stand it any longer. "We know you are smuggling something across the border, but every time we inspect your saddlebags we find only rocks. Please tell us what you are up to, and we promise not to turn you in." "Well," the fellow replied, "It's really very simple. I'm smuggling stolen motorcycles."

Mackay's Moral: It's good to work hard. It's great to work smart. But it's best to work hard and smart.

This article is by Harvey Mackay. Harvey Mackay is an internationally recognized speaker and author - "Outsell, Outmanage, Outmotivate & Outnegotiate Your Competition".

Wednesday, October 19, 2005











10 Secrets I Learned From The Apprentice

I have always been a fan of Donald Trump after the commencement of the reality show "The Apprentice".

I got attracted to the front cover, which bear the exact words, "10 Secrets I Learned From The Apprentice". Wow!

So, I am sharing with you all who are reading this (it's no more a secret after I have put it here):

Secret #1: Think Big
Secret #2: Show The Competition No Mercy
Secret #3: Defend Yourself Aggressively
Secret #4: Remember, Consesus is Overrated
Secret #5: Identify All Possible Resources
Secret # 6: Cut Your Losses
Secret # 7: Get Face-to-Face with Key Decision Makers
Secret #8: Step Up
Secret #9: Advance the Most Profitable Deal
Secret #10:Negotiate Tough

These are simple principles to follow. But I just wonder whether I am up to it, when it comes to execute these rule-of-thumb by heart, in my condition. Sometimes, I just wish my boss could be someone as credible as Donald Trump, so I could really understand what these values really mean. Walk the talk would be the best approach. Good luck and try it!

Boss = $$$

Boss, a word I take for granted to be sort of a role model of follow, that's why they are called bosses. Hahaha, dead wrong!

Sometimes, I wonder how would a company get someone not so deserving as a leading man in the company while others can be a better person to lead the position. Office politics I presumed, which I think I would not understand until I am in that position. Hahahaha. So just laugh about it.

Maybe I am just to naive to have made this statement.

I have an encounter with a sudden restructuring that is undergoing, a referral program, to be exact. A decision I think it has both its pros and cons. Of course understanding the year end is getting closer, as well as further to achieve the pre-set might-not-be-achievable target. That's what the whole idea is about.

Now, the thing about bosses agreeing to this only means one thing - reaping P-R-O-F-I-T out of it! Tax free! Wow, if I am the boss, why shouldn't I go for it? It would be stupid not to.

Mind me for saying this, being a boss means you are well connected with people around you. Of course you will get to know almost everybody, who has the money to chase after your products. As a boss, the proper duty is to promote company product, by right. But hell no! Cutting a piece of the cake from junior staff's rice bowl! "Give me the commission I deserved," demanded the boss. It is not proper and unfair, and it never will be.

But hey, business world is unfair. "It's not charity we are talking here", ahhhh~all the same crap being talking about. No matter how lousy you feel, the earth still orbits, the sun still rises from the east.

"PROFIT is the key! Damn you with your incompetency, I am going to take my share, you shall see!" those are the only words resonnates in my ear. I hated every second of it.

In short, those with connection and $$$ will ultimately prevail! "

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Fill Up Your Plate and Lose Weight - Adapted from iVillage.com

by Lynn Grieger, RD, CDE, for iVillage

Every dieter knows that empty feeling in the pit of her stomach, not to mention the growling and gurgling that erupts when we decrease our food intake in the name of dropping a few pounds.

One of the biggest problems with dieting is the constant hunger. No matter how much water we drink, how many salads we munch or how much sugar-free gum we chew, the hunger is always there. Hunger makes us blow our diets, pure and simple.

But there's a new way of eating that promotes weight loss without feeling hungry. Instead of tiny little portions of food, enjoy large, full plates. The trick is figuring out the energy density of foods.

Energy density

Energy density is more exact than calories. According to Barbara Rolls, PhD, nutrition professor at Penn State and author of numerous research articles and The Volumetrics Weight-Control Plan, increasing the fiber and water content of foods lowers the energy density while increasing our sensation of fullness. A double bonus! Rolls' research shows that the key to weight loss isn't deprivation and hunger, but rather choosing foods that make us feel full while simultaneously reducing calorie intake.

Calculate energy density by dividing the calories by grams of weight. For example, 1 cup of Cheerios has 110 calories and weighs 30 grams. 110 divided by 30 equals an energy density (ED) of 3.7. Add 1/2 cup skim milk to those Cheerios, and the ED drops to 1.1 while the total calories are only 150. Compare that breakfast to one Pop-Tart, with an ED of 3.8 (200 calories and 52 grams weight). You get more volume and more fullness from the Cheerios and milk than you do from the Pop-Tart.

Rolls divides foods into four categories:

Category 1: Very low energy dense foods, ED .6. Includes most fruit and vegetables, skim milk and broth-based soups. Adding fruit or vegetables to meals increases your fullness without adding a lot of calories.

Category 2: Low energy dense foods, ED .6 to 1.5. Includes cooked grains, cold breakfast cereal with skim milk, low-fat meats, legumes and salads. Most of the foods we eat should come from this category, especially when combined with fruit and veggies from category 1.

Category 3: Medium energy dense foods, ED 1.5 to 4.0. Includes meats, cheeses, salad dressings, and snack foods. It's easy to overeat these, so portion control is a must. But if you combine small amounts of category 3 foods with foods from categories 1 and 2, you'll have a full plate of food -- and you won't leave the table hungry.

Category 4: High energy dense foods, ED 4.0 to 9.0. Includes crackers, chips, candy, cookies, nuts and butter. These are foods we often overeat.

How does energy density work?

We feel full on a number of different levels. Meals begin with our eyes: If we serve a tiny portion of food, we're setting ourselves up to feel unsatisfied. A big, heaping plate of food makes us believe right from the start that we're going to be full. Face it -- we're happy when we get to eat a lot of food, and miserable when portions are smaller than we're used to.

Other senses play a role in satiety. The smell and taste of food adds to our enjoyment of a meal. That's why we often lose our appetite when we have a cold; without being able to smell or taste food, it's just not worth eating. With a bigger volume of food, we get more of these delightful sensory inputs. A larger portion of food takes longer to digest, and fills up our stomach, which sends messages to our brain telling us it's "full." Finally, a variety of hormones help signal fullness, and the more food we eat, the more of these satiety signals are sent. Fullness doesn't rely just on calories -- all these other mechanisms are even more important. Rolls has shown that we can trick our senses into feeling full with fewer calories, which means we'll lose weight without being hungry!

Volume tricks

  • Start meals with a broth-based vegetable soup or a salad packed with a variety of veggies.
  • Enjoy a piece of fresh fruit, fruit salad or even fruit canned in its own juice as part of most meals. Dried fruit has a much higher energy density, because the water has been removed.
  • Just drinking water with a meal doesn't make us feel more full; the water has to be in the foods we eat. Foods with a high water content are (you guessed it!) fruit and veggies.
  • Nonstarchy veggies (green leafys, salad veggies, green beans, summer squash, onions) are category 1; starchy veggies (corn, potato, peas, winter squash, lima beans) are category 2.
  • Choose fat-free or low-fat dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese, cottage cheese).
  • Legumes have the lowest energy density of any protein food, so include them often. Here's a great tip: Add chick peas to a green vegetable salad, enjoy lentils in your veggie soup, or make a brown rice pilaf with black beans.
  • Frying foods increases their energy density.
  • Friday, October 14, 2005

    Coloured People

    When you read the title, you must have some kind of prejudice or discrimination in you some how. I just knew it. It's totally understandable.

    So long we are human, we discriminate.

    The trend started from our forefathers who had "wisely" thought us to be partial to everyone. Though in school, we were taught to be otherwise. I would say the true practice isn't, and that's made it difficult for young minds, like once you and me, to differentiate which is the right or wrong. So confused! Cognitive dissonance, I must say it in this psychological term. Hahaha.

    I once saw a Merdeka commercial on TV about two chinese boy and malay boy playing at the padi field, without recognising the differences. The tag lines goes something like this, "Although we are different from the outside, but inside, we are all the same. " I think the world should be like this as well.

    People has prejudice because each individual is different. With that, the labelling or tagging started from there.

    It's interesting to know from my brother from his current read from Malcolm Gladwell's "Blink", that people are quick at judging people. Associating terms to the color a person has. In this book, the author (though a born mixed of black and white, but still finds it unbelieavable that he himself some how discriminates too) describes that negatives words are associated with dark coloured person than to the fair coloured person. IIt comes in natural. Life is so not fair, but hey, it's life!

    It got me into thinking.

    Though we always read in the newspapers about American whites hating the blacks; thinking all terrorists are Arabics; riots caused by different race during May 13 in Malaysia and so on. Is it just about colour? It's more than that, the religion, the culture... everything in the melting pot. I guess people don't second guess religion that much, but definitely color. Because of different color, it resonates different pre-sets of culture and behaviour. It really helps when judgement calls.

    Who are we to play judge? I don't, but just couldn't help it as we are on the same boat - earthlings! As to re-emphasise, so long we are human, we discriminate, whether you like it or not. It's in born I supposed.

    Maybe we should be putting down our differences, and work towards our similarities, then the world would be a better place to be in, don't you think?

    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    Positve (+) & Negative (-)

    I found out that negative pull is very much stronger than the positive pull. Maybe it's always easier to be the bad guys, compared to the good ones; just like a chinese sayings that goes: 學好三年,學壞三天。

    I am just exploring on the idea further. Examples:
    • Good intention to trouble shoot (+) & lousy customer care from support (-) = -ve
    • Scolded by superior (-) & motivated to work harder to avoid further scolding (+) = -ve
    • Superb idea to move a project (+) & red tape with slow procedural processing (-) = -ve
    It's not that easy to be part of the society to be so full of the negative elements. It's just the way of life. It's not always the perfect system that academics trying to search for. It's just .... life, always unfair and impartial at times too.

    Of course, I am not denying there are some positives around, but these pulls are just not that strong enough to give it a push! It's like fighting an oncoming tide, the stronger you push, the more hurt you get. Flow with the wave, then everybody wins! How ironic!

    Car Accident

    At approximately, 11:35 pm, I received an urgent call from a friend, E. I knew she was in desperate help A.S.A.P. as I could hear her teary voice from the other end.

    We were at a sukiyaki party at Robson Condo that evening. Had some great laughs and cultural exchange, before we called it an early off, both of us as we were heading to our next destination. We just departed not long ago, and this "tragic" accident took place.

    When I got to the scene, I was surprised to see so many guys surrounded her. Not surprised, as the so-called victim looked more like a mobster to me. I am glad that E was safe and sound, just that car bumper got ripped off. From my deduction, I presumed the "victim" was driving in a high-speed mode and the accident could not be avoided by chance.

    Without hesitation, I called my dear friend who lives not far from where I am for help. He is the mechanic!

    In the end, we have got a tow truck to tow away E's car to the workshop situated in Puchong, and followed suit with a police report at Jalan Bandar. The whole process took around 1 hour to complete its cycle. I just hope E will be alright, especially recovering from the trauma.

    It was quite a night. I missed Fedelia's party, twice in a row! Feel sorry, as I have emerged to be the 25% person already. Sorry girl, again!

    Everything just fall into places, I guess. Maybe it's god's will that I stayed away from town as speed trap is rampant these days due to "golden season" for police officers on patrol. Maybe lady luck just on my side, leaving signs for danger. Sort of like a blessing in disguise, I am blessed and grateful.

    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    Dear October

    Dear October,

    It's so nice to know that this month of October has been and will be a really fun and exciting one. Though not even half the month yet, but I get really excited about it. It's just the beginning.

    Wedding dinner started 1st and 2nd of the month. I think marriages spell great luck too. I am glad that my colleagues are getting married to nice family, and have their joint family together too. Isn't it wonderful?

    In workplace, there are some reshuffling going on. And, got ourselves a new acting GM. I only hope for the best I could as I am directly affected by it. For the betterment! I am glad that at least I got to meet new faces and challenges, and to close more sales too. May lady luck be on my side, always.

    My aunt and family came to visit from Australia. These cute cousins of mine are darlings! My mom has organized trips to Perak - hotspring, waterfalls; Kuala Selangor - Seafood and fireflies; Pahang - home to the nature; Sunway Lagoon Theme Park too. It's so much exciting as it could be. They will be leaving for Penang tomorrow and will be back next Thursday. Though of organising a stay at Sunway Tower Hotel and a night movie "Sky High" too. Will see to it then.

    My mom's birthday falls in the month of October, on Halloween (though we don't celebrate this festival of the west). Surely looking for great surprises for her. Will see...

    Close friends are organising trip to places, or even mamak sessions. Pretty busy, I would say. Well, definitely looking forward to it.

    Ramadan month also commences this month for my muslim friends. May you all be blessed with love. After enduring the "suffering" of the poor and in-need, the month of Aidilfitri will surely be a reward in the end. Selamat Berpuasa!

    October, a month of joy and happiness. I wonder what will happen for the rest of this month of great October.

    Tuesday, October 04, 2005

    In a night market with my relatives

    It's great to know that finally I get to meet my aunt and her family, especially the two little ones, my adorable cousin sister and mischievious cousin brother from Australia. Prior to their arrival here, they have been touring China. It must be a wonderful experience for these two cute ones.

    After work, I went straight to the night market, where my brother, HY, by the way, happened to be there. My aunt and gang arrived at the night market with my mom earlier. By the time I saw them, they have already been munching some snacks, or kuih-muih.

    It's just so nice to see my relatives after so many years. Look how much my cousins have grown up to be. They look lovely!

    Not forgetting my uncle, who has been busy searching for pirated software to toy with.

    I got my cousin sister a nice hair band piece which bear a beautiful butterfly motive. She love it very much! I can tell it from her lovely eyes. Nothing worth more than the smiles and happy looks of the one I loved. Also, I gave her my top coat varnish since I have used it once anyway.

    My cousin brother has created a fondness towards my younger brother, HX. I think birds of the same feather flock together. HX is into PC games and chess, so does little Ren. Actually by looking at my cousin, he reminded me of my brother, HX when he was younger. Thinking back in comparison, my brother is not that bad afterall, he was just a kid. However, neither my brother and I would tolerate such nonsense anymore. I guess, Ren will grown out of his nonsense sooner or later. Just be patient.

    It's a night to remember. Munching Uncle Bob fried chicken, drinking Ai Yu Bing, having lok-lok for dinner, sipping tau fu fa and enjoying a generous bowl of mango dessert with the one I loved is definitely something to be remembered indeed.

    A beautiful butterfly hair clip

    This night, I got off my car and went straight to get my hands on this butterfly hair clip, which I saw quite sometime back and longed for it since.

    This hair clip is special, as the wings could move, as if the butterfly is alive and flapping its fragile wings on top of my head. It's beautiful!

    Imported from Korean (as told), nicely crafted, and reasonably priced, I got my hand on this particular hair accessory piece. Cream color flower petals to form the wings, added with fine stone pieces matched with the dark coloured background made the colour stands out.

    It's a nice piece of fine (mini) art, don't you think?

    Monday, October 03, 2005






    看見大家臉帶笑容,為新郎新娘祝福; 來賓們都很自在地享受著豐富的晚膳,談天説地。大家都盡情地分享新婚夫婦的喜悅,實在是太棒了!

    我衷心地祝福這對新婚夫婦, 生活美滿幸福,白頭偕老。