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Friday, February 29, 2008

Massage Service

I don't know whether you have noticed that these days, every shopoffices around PJ have massage services (legitimate ones). It is like a new industry mushrooming around town with loads of varieties and choices to choose from.

You could try out some of the Balinese massage at major shopping malls, where they locate them around the staircase areas and unpopular spots in the mall; blind-man massage in Brickfields are abundance; or the Chinese ones at the sidewalk of Jalan Bukit Bintang; not to mention the luxury Spa and massage around health clubs and golf clubs.

The hustle and bustle of city life does not only create opportunity for people seeking employment, but also a way to relieve stress via massage. It is no wonder that the industry has been surging, and with influx of foreign workers, mainly from Indonesia and China into this newly developed industry. The demand and supply fundamentals of the economics.

Though the price is not as affordable as you could find in Thailand, Indonesia nor in China, however, with competitions increase, prices are competitive. A simple foot massage starts from as cheap as RM32 for an hour to exorbitant price of RM200++ for one session of spa and massage in prestigious clubs. A good service and ambiance deserves the price.

With a change in lifestyle, massage industry is definitely here to stay.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My brother leaving for Korea

Me, mom, and my brother at KLIA

This morning, my brother has moved out from his cozy nest at home and flew miles away to South Korea to further his studies.

I am sad because he could no longer share silly jokes and trivial quiz with me, listen to my silly thoughts and debate with me; yet I am happy for his departure, as this is his lifetime opportunity, for now, to go outside and explore the world.

So, this is it, my brother! Have fun and enjoy yourself while you can. Just call or email home when you need some help or advice (hopefully not just monetary :p). Go explore South Korea as much as you like, you may not get other opportunity if you don't grab it!

Good luck and all the best!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Movie is Magical

Have you ever feel the magic from movie?

It makes you laugh, cry, suspense, thrill, excited.... all the adjectives you could used to describe the movie. If you really observed closely, it's not the description that make movies so important in our lives, but the whole experience of movie-going and how a team of professional movie makers are able to bring those special moment in a two-to-three hour show closer to you. The collage of movies are parts of our lives. And we love those moments of reflection, a piece of the real story in everyone who are watching it.

I call that magic!

Yesterday was the 80th Academy Award. Every time I watched the the Oscar, it never fails to move me. By the way the awards were presented, the nominees in place, dedicated production team working effortlessly to bring good production to the audience, the script writers, the winners of the award, and of course the presenters, the orchestra, the backstage staff, master of ceremony, and most importantly the audience. Each plays a part to make this huge event a great success.

I always like the way they have this Academy Award presentation. Its classy-way of recognizing the efforts from actors to the props makers. I especially touched when a scrapbook of old videos of past performers and productions, immortalized by time, were once again surfaced. 80 years had passed, and the Academy Award has always been there to recognize special talents of the people, either in front of the scene or work backstage.

Imagine, only the main casts are acting, without proper directing, the story is stale and lifeless. Without music and sound effects, the excitement is lost. Without proper wardrobe and costume designs, the world of movie looks so dull. Without wonderful scripts, there is no good movie. A good movie needs collaboration of teamwork.

These collaborations do create magic! And, movies share those magical moments.

Monday, February 25, 2008









Sunday, February 17, 2008








Thursday, February 14, 2008



今年和往年一樣,都有我中學好友的大團拜。哇, 回想起來,已經不知不覺都搞了十年了。有點不敢相信。十年光陰原來就這麽快過去。




今年參與的朋友包括:偉垊、泳絮、慧琳、芳基、道源、康友、懷馨、凱榮、康俊、還有裕翔。我們還去了道源、慧琳、懷馨、裕翔、還有我家去做客。當然少不了去梁老師還有Pn Lim的家拜年去。但是今年的團拜,大家好像對電視節目特別感興趣。我們還以電視節目來決定要在一家呆多久。很有趣吧?




Saturday, February 09, 2008