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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Reminisce Year 2007

2007 will come to an end sooner than I thought.

I must say this year I am very lucky to have a good chance to savour success and handsome reward better than my previous years in this company. I surely hope lady luck will still be here to see me through the rest of the years to come. I am truly blessed with great luck, great work, and great company of friends and family by my side. The only gratitude I could think of is "Thank you"!

I have been travelling to Langkawi for the shopping haven, Perhentian (twice this year for diving and relaxation), Cambodia Siem Reap, and Korea. Along the way, I met wonderful friends from different background to share my joy of the new found world. I would be glad to host your visits if you are stopping by to Malaysia soon. It was an experience that I will never forget as I have been enjoying myself very very much!

Commencing second quarter this year, I have started to embark on a life-long learning journey to revisit school part-time -- taking a course in MBA at HELP. Till now, I have covered half of the module and hopefully will be able to complete my studies in a year's time.

Towards the end of the year, making money has been the priority on my to-do list. Working hard is another, but making my hard-earned money works harder is another. But I am truly blessed to have make some returns on my investments in mutual funds and some stocks. Hopefully my investments would pay off sooner than I have expected. Keep the money rolling~

It has been a good year. And I hope the good luck star shines brighter as my life journey goes along.

Happy New Year~

Wednesday, December 26, 2007



女角色:爾淳(佘詩曼飾演),如妃 (鄧萃雯飾演),安茜(張可巸飾演),玉瑩(黎姿飾演);還有男角色:孫白颺(林保怡飾演)和孔武(陳豪飾演)。是個講述宮廷裏是非糾紛還有種種孽遇, 還有借用主角們以顯出的各個的愛情觀和遭遇的故事。




Thursday, December 20, 2007

4 Essential Cues To Indicate Punctuality

When someone tells you "I am on my way", it means that the person is still at home.

When someone tells you "I am almost there", it means the person is on the way.

When someone tells you "I am here", it means the person has arrived near the place of appointment searching.

When someone askes you "Where are you?", it means you are late!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cooking Dinner at My Place: 14 December 2007

I have organized a cosy dinner with my friends from my training programme. There were 12 guests at my place, i.e. June, Andrew, Fedelia, John, Eng Teng & partner, Mickey, Toh and Victor, Han and Foong Wan, and of course the little cute boy (Han's nephew). and I was really glad to have them at my place for dinner.

I have made some delicious pork ribs with dark sauce served in claypot, mixed vege with large prawns, and chee cheong fun wraps served with fresh home-made chilli sauce, and I bought USA sweet grapes too for dessert. Han brought satay, Eng Teng brought GF and KFC, Toh and Mickey brought lovely chocolate cake, June brought salad, and Drew brought watermelon and beers. The dinner was lovely and delicious, until I have forgotten to include any picture of the dishes for Stephen's and Chee Hooi's reference (sorry guys!). Anyhow, thank you for your contributions guys!

The funny part is that Eng Teng, as usual, 迷路 (lost his way), while on his way to my place despite a detailed map given, so does Victor. The best navigators are Han, Fedelia, John, Drew and June (I know I can't get enough of Treasure Hunts). But it was pure fun to highlight some quick bits of you guys.

After all the sumptious dinner, we had a LONG LONG game of Pictionary. When I mean long is that Drew and his team (Toh and Victor) was dominating the game, while, Eng Teng and team have to wait for ages for their turns. Our team got a bit lucky as we were stucked in the middle. Anyhow, to improvise on our next game in the future, better to have two teams. Speedy and more fun!

And, they bought me lovely housewarming present - a thermo pot. Thank you very much. And I showed them around at my messy cosy little shack for a tour.

To wrap up the dinner, I gave them each a lovely angel snowman for Christmas. I hope they like it because it is very cute.

I would love to have you guys back soon (if it's not too far for you). Perhaps after Chinese, we can have Western or Japanese next time?

Thank you for coming! And I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!






Monday, December 17, 2007

Social Unrest

Recently there are many social unrest in Malaysia. At first it was the Bersih, then come the Hindraf. What had a peaceful Malaysia become?

I guess everyone speculates that election is around the corner. However, looking at the current circumstances, it was a false alarm.

Let there be peace, though I know everyone loves the drama. I only hope that the government could do some changes, and everyone is happily making money and get on with their lives.

Though said, everyone knows the inequality in a multi-racial complex society, as Malaysia, is eminent. Now, with lots of freedom compared to the previous PM's time, I perceived that more dramatic series of unrest would be coming.

Let just hope it doesn't get out of hand.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


最近看到我的工作夥伴很努力地把所賺的錢拿去投資開店做老闆,心中有點羡慕。可是想想自己的資深還不足,加上金錢有限,暫且把這個美好的計劃擱置一邊。可是心中的納悶也不是滋味。不過,小有小賺,大有大的找。我開始投資自己能力範圍以内的小投資 -- 信托基金,黃金基金,還有少許股票。分量不多,量力而為。





Sunday, December 09, 2007

Datuk, Datin?

As a working professional in my field, I came across many people from different walks of life. That's where I found out that you can simply throw a stone and hit a Datuk or Datin that drive fancy cars with crisply ironed clothes.

I don't remember where I have heard it from, maybe it's from the net, that Everyone is eligible for datukship, easily. How? "Kopi money la" rumoured people. I am not sure the authenticity of this, but with the rampant increase of datukship appears in the newspapers and some too "glaring" datins with their BIG diamond rings and designer bags, it seems that the current Malaysian business is about getting a datukship -- a pathway to success in Malaysian business.

Please don't quote me that the issue has been amass for the longest period I have known. How I wish that people who come in contact with me in the office I am working in are just ordinary people like Ahmand, Ah Lim or Raj, with just MR. or EN.

Well, someone's coming, hope it's not a datuk or datin by chance.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Beautiful Gate Charity Treasure Hunt: 1 December 2007

Having Pizza Hut meal after the hunt @ Puchong

Yesterday, Chang, Han, my brother and I went to join a charity treasure hunt around USJ Subang and Puchong. It was a hunt organised by Beautiful Gate Foundation, which is a charity foundation to help our disabled friends.

The motor hunt took us around 4 hours, and frankly, we didn't manage to complete all the questions needed. Plus, there were some challenging questions which were not spotted by us. I must say, the treasure questions are tough. I guess that's because we didn't really know what the questions wanted.

It was real fun and exciting. And, because it's a timed treasure hunt, we were lucky to submit our answers on time. And guess what, we got ourselves 7th placing in the game. Not bad for a tough hunt like this.

Anyhow, it's for a charitable cause.