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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Connecting Dreamers

A referral from a friends' blog one day. Have been reading her friends' work over the net then. It's interesting to know how powerful this P2P network turns out to be, all thanks to the world wide web.

Her friends are mostly people who have dreams, a dream that only lives in a dreamers' utopia. Ideally, those are good thoughts, I admired these people a lot. From their composition, I could see their courageous thoughts, adding some of their cowardess action with great ambition. Inspiring yet, amusing at the same time. How ironic!

I once talked to a friend, whose father inspired his view towards life. He told me people need to dream, to be ideal, so the world could be a better place. I am not sure what he meant as I am more of an impartial person at times. To be ideal, it's not what our capital economy is all about. It's totally the opposite! Sometimes, I just wonder .... wonder whether we are breathing the same air or not. If so, how come our thinking is drifting too far apart? I don't know why. Maybe that's why we are unique.

Connecting people via blog (it's hot ... sizzling) is the "in" thing. It's a tool to connect people with different background to share different ideas. All in the melting pot. I just wonder who is this smart guy behind all this. I bet, he must be a genius who too has dreams.

My busy social life

Don't know why I am writing this since Saturday from now is two more days. Really excited about it.

On that night, my friend is having a birthday party, while another friend is having cook-out cum gathering, and another one after these decent ones, are the night out with the gang of SMARTies, as I called them to a dancing pub downtown. Will be quite a busy and colourful event lining up for me.

I am a person which has funny life. Why? Either I am too idle, or that I will be bogged down with so many things at the same moment. Sometimes, I think it kills the moment of focus, and it certainly takes away the excitement.

I have been accustomed to running here and there all the time, a sudden peace will eventually spell doom anytime. I guess that's me - a girl who never stops moving. Hahaha.

Deep down inside, I am a quiet Capricorn, who loves to enjoy peace and quiet. Looking at chirping birds, smelling the flowers, or even just enjoy the time out just like that. However, not sure what spirit had got into me that I have too be hyperactive in going places, making all appointments at one go, and so on. Maybe it's a time saving effort, or maybe it's more efficient to do.

I think I have been missing out a lot. It's time to stop that busy routine of mine, and reflect.

~Ah, what a nice pot of orchid outside my balcony. After all, what is it to rush?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Karaoke @ Red Box - 25/7/2005

Have arranged our karaoke session with Yin Foong and Kok Yung at Red Box Karaoke Sunway.

It has been a purposeful outing for us three as Kok Yung is free from any appointment forseeing his temporary stopover at KL until August. As for me, I have not been into karaoke loudge for almost two months. And it's time for me to make a go! Yin Foong, well, she was down from Genting two days ago for Sally Yeh's concert and ON LEAVE. It's has been great that we all headed to the same goal -- singing with our heart out!

I can't believe that I have suggested to extend our singing session till 6 pm. That means a total 7 hours straight, not stop, back-to-back singing.

The positive note for karaoke session on weekday morning till afternoon is - cheap, packed with lunch, and drinks. Worth it!

With Kok Yung around, at least I am exposed to some forgotten songs in eighties or early nineties. Plus, at least could do more mix duet. Also, he can be a good company at times, despite with all the teasing. It's a bonus anyhow.

Love our session. We have had a great time! Really looking forward to our next karaoke session together. Just that, not sure when would that be.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Upcoming Theatre - Taming of the Shrew 莎士比亞-馴屽記 (粵語版)

I am looking forward to a new theatre in town by renown Wa FM DJ, KK and HVD star, Looi Aye Keng. It caught my attention when I was browsing Actor Studio's website and it caught my eye. It will be the first Cantonese theatre and it 's funny.

The show time details are:

29 July 2005 - 6 August 2005 8:30 pm @ Actor Studio Bangsar

Here is a sypnosis from the official site: http://www.theactorsstudio.com.my/shows.phtml#bangsar

Presented by The Actors Studio, “The Taming of the Shrew” will be performed at The Actors Studio @ BSC from end of July until early August. Directed and adapted by Ling Tang, this classic romantic comedy will be staged in Kuala Lumpur for the first time…in Cantonese!

Cast includes KK Wong, one of Malaysia’s top DJs, in his first stage outing. Joining him will be Loo Aye Keng, and together they will enthrall us in the roles of Shakespeare’s legendary mismatched couple. Complementing them are Berg Lee and Teoh Siew Chin, respective winners of Best Actor and Best Actress awards in the recent Malaysian Chinese Theatre Awards. Other performers include Gan Hui Yee, Christopher Fung Chee Yeong, Chee See Soon, Joe Koo Khee Chow, Wong Yean Reun and many more. This production brings together artists from the broadcasting, television and theatrical fields.

The play takes place in 17th Century Italy. It is about Katharina ‘the shrew’, eldest daughter of Baptista, a rich gentleman of Padua. Katharina finds herself in the position of being forced to marry the tall and hunky, Petruchio. On the other hand, Petruchio strives to woo the seemingly stubborn and ill-tempered Katharina so that his friend Hortensio can marry Katharina’s sister, Bianca, who has sworn not to wed until her sister has found a husband.

This classic comedy follows Petruchio’s ‘kill her with kindness’ attempts at taming the ill-mannered and bad-tempered Katharina. Inevitably, marriage ensues and Katharina becomes the subservient wife. Or does she?

Monday, July 18, 2005

《白兰曲》舞台剧 - 17/7/2005

I have been to a chinese theatre yesterday. The story was adapted from Tennessee William's A Streetcar Named Desire (1947; Pulitzer Prize)


每 个城市都会有高级住宅区,生活紧张的商业区,以及较杂乱、缺乏打理、每个人都缺乏安全感的downtown。剧情就是发生在南方一个城市里的 downtown。在这个downtown里,住着一对夫妻,Stanley和Stella。夫妻俩虽然生活不是太舒适,但也相处得很好。

剧 情开始时Blanche,Stella的姐姐从富裕的家乡前来投宿。当Blanche遇见Stanley时,就可以感觉到不寻常的冲突将会发生。 Stanley一直把家庭当成他的精神支柱,也是唯一他可以‘喘气’的领土。当一个陌生者突然闯入他的领土时,他已经觉得他唯一的立脚处也开始收到威胁。 当然,Stella面对两位至亲,她也尽他的能力,去抵制两人之间冲突爆发。但最后,冲突还是爆发了。

Blanche和Stanley, 因为家产变卖,开始了争执。结果Blanche开始教唆Stella离开Stanley,Stanley也查出Blanche的过去,让Stella重新 ‘认识’她精神不稳定的姐姐—Blanche,从而把Blanche赶出去。同时,Stanley也对好友Mitch,一个对Blanche有意思的年青 人,去搜索Blanche所干的证据,让他对Blanche死心。Stella对整个情况也渐渐失控。就在这个时候,Stella不稳定的情绪,让怀着的 婴孩作动。Stanley迅速把Stella送进医院。

就在Stella不在家的时候,来了两个人。第一个,是Mitch,他向 Blanche提出分手,但却想跟她产生性关系,Blanche对Mitch的希望破灭了。第二个,是Stanley,Stella和胎儿都没事,但需要 留院观察,只有Stanley一个人回家。趁Stella不在,Stanley对Blanche采取毁灭性行动,他强奸了Blanche,Blanche 也因此精神完全崩溃。

最后,一切都很宁静,Stella回来了。整间屋子只剩下Blanche和Stella两姐妹,那是一个闷热的下 午,四周一个声音都没有,Blanche那是暴风雨来临的前兆。Stella耐不住闷热,去沐浴。跟开始一样整间屋子剩Blanche,一个人。这间家她 呆不下去了,结果Blanche选择去寻找一个属于她的地方。她选择离开这个世界。

The official website:

Bon Odori - 16/7/2005

Last Saturday, I have gone to Bon Odori at Matsushita Sports Center with my close friends - Kok Yung, Tow Guan, Woei Ming and Chee Wei. This is the first time I arrived at Bon Odori so late. Normally, I will be there when the sky is still visible without lights on.

In Bon Odori (summer dance festival), there is this giant stage in the middle of the field, where girls in yukata and guys on drums are on it. Everyone then encircles the stage to perform the four dance pieces, sort of like line dancing.

When we (Chee Wei, Woei Ming,Kok Yung and me)arrived, Tow Guan has already enjoyed his share at the dance field with Alan and GF. So, we are into the second part of the dance then.

I have been missing this event for quite some time. It has become somewhat unfamiliar and a sudden strangeness occured when an unfamiliar song played from the amplifiers. Indeed I have noticed a marked change in the third dance piece, where the song has not been able to live up the spirit of the dance. Now I know, I have left the event for so long.

Anyway, I think the guys were crazy about the photo taking with the yukata Japanese girls. I felt indifference about it. So long I enjoyed the company whom I am with, it doesn't matter.

We had fun that night. Surely, we could have more outings so I could pen down the event as a memobila for my adventure.

Glycemic index (GI)

GI, interesting topic it seems these days. Had got info from my dear friend, Kok Yung who came back from Austin for a month break. Here it goes:

There has been a diet revolution going on in the US. I can share some of the things I learned from this wave of revolution. One of the "must knows" is Glycemic index (GI).

According to Gardenia's Breakthru Formula Multi-Wholegrain Bread (which you can buy from your local supermarket for RM3.90 ), they explain GI as "a measure, one a scale of 0 to 100, of how quickly a food containing 50 g of carbohydrate is digested and absorbed by your body, as compared to a standard food. The standard good (GI=100) is glucose. It is an indication of blood glucose levels as a result of consuming carbohydrates. The lower the GI, the slower glucose is released into your body." (Under "Useful Info").

It is more than that. Initially, it is only useful for those who has diabetes. However, it has become an important tool to fight obesity and keep fit. Why? Because when your blood stream experiences a sudden spike in blood sugar (after eating high GI food), your body will activate to release much insulin, a hormone that would speed up the transformation of the excess blood sugar into body fat.

Thus, more calories are transformed and stored as fat rather than
used as fuel for your body. Eating lower GI food would slow down the
process of digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in our body, and
thus avoid a sudden spike of blood sugar and the rest of the reaction
chain. Ultimately, no more weight increase due to the increase of body fat.

Is all high GI food bad for you? Well, at least there is one
exception. For bodybuilders: shortly after your workout, you should
consume high GI food, such as ice-cream, to increase your insulin
level. Research shows that increasing your insulin level would slow
down the destruction of muscle cells caused by your workout (This is
different from our common understanding: we are actually constructively destroying our muscle cells during the workout, and
then the body rebuilds the cells at a faster rate than the cell
destruction, causing a total increase in lean muscle mass).

So after your workout, it's your gloden opportunity to indulge in high GI food, which is good for your body. Percaution: this consumption of high GI food is only good for strength exercises, such as weight lifting, but not for endurance exercises, such as jogging.

Here's your link to GI Table (list of food with their GI index)
for reference http://www.glycaemicindex.com/.

Happy dieting and bodybuilding!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Do it yourself?

I was at IKEA today with my friend. I realised that DIY is picking up after IKEA has started its operation in One Utama few years back. What is it got to do with us?

In Malaysia, we are still comfortable with the lifestyle of on-the-shelf approach, whereby the product is assembled ready to move in. What DIY? It is so hectic, you have figure out pieces by pieces. Worse is that when you realised that the puzzles that you are working on does not come out perfectly as per the prototype, you will be screaming and pull your hairs out!

Another reason for not going for DIY is because labour cost for assembling our shelves are cheap, yet the quality is good. I personally think that DIY comes from the west is largely due to high labour cost that resulted their people, without choice, have to do it themselves. Why pay others to fix your stuff that you could do it yourself? And, the pieces that come with it might not be of better quality.

So, DIY? think again.

Nokia Starlight Movie - Friday 15/7/2005

(from left) Foo, Elin, Me, Dave and Kok Yew listen to the ryhtm of the falling rain

It's raining today! Not too good as I was about to watch "Batman Begins" at Bukit Kiara Equesterian Club.

Had to rush home to make Spaghetti as dinner for Elin and the rest of the gang. I promised to make delicious hot dinner for the show. Luckily I made it on time. And, it's still sizzling hot when I got there.

The pour was heavy. Can't imagine that it could be this! Note to self: bring a stool and a big golf umbrella next time (should there be one, ~giggle)

The show was kick-started by an unknown brand, followed by the sponsors ad before the movie commenced. It was a long rainy night. I just wished the rain could go away, FAST!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Terrorism in London 8th July 2005

After the night of the glory of Olympic 2012 hosting rights, come the worst news that the world is afraid of: terrorism with bomb blasting. It's tragic. Based on today's feedback, it has already included 37 casualties and 700 injured.

It is linked to A-Qaeda and islamic militants. There were four deadly explosions that ripped through central London during the morning rush hour (8.15 am - Moorgate station, 8.56 am - King's Cross , 9.17 am - Edgware Road station, 9.47 am - Russell Square respectively).

I hope this will not persist, or else the world economy will become worsen than before.

May all be well and be in peace!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My First Time Being A Writer

Wow. After so many times of struggle, finally get to write it down here fore hte first time. Wanted to do so very very long time, after my colleagues, Sophia and Adisa had created their blog here.

I am so so thrill as this is a start for my writing career should I be seeking one myself later on with my career. So, magazines editors, you could start calling. Hee hee~

Why a big adventure? I think life is about adventure, be it big or small. Live large and never regret living.

I would like to share my Japan adventure in my next blog.

Until then, stay tune!