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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

April Fool

This year's April Fool's Day fall on a Sunday. I usually played pranks on others, but this year I didn't.

Instead, I woke up early in the morning to cook delicious dinner for the night. Making preparation to share a sumptious meal with my family. Two dishes I have managed were "Quan Jia Fu" (Port Trotter with Ham & Abalone), and "Wan Zi Qian Hong" (Fish cooked with Shimeji Mushroom).

I could see those happy faces when they stepped into the house with the aroma permitted from the kitchen. That's the best reward a cook can get - happy faces, and compliments from the people who are enjoying the dinner.

Mom was impressed, and had asked me to cook more in the future. Well, I guess it will have to depend on my mood for cooking and of course the skills the master the art of cookery.

April Fool is not such a bad day afterall. I guess the fool was the cook, a.k.a. me, who was doing the cooking and washing.... hahahaha.