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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Emerge 2008: Unity of the Christian Fellowship

Yesterday I was invited by my friend, Emelia, to attend her church conference, where she was involved in the cheerleading competiton in Emerge 2008. My, I have no idea that the conference could be attended from people around the world. I am so amazed by the scale of the people attending, what's more 90% of the participants comprised of teenagers under age of 30.

It is enlightening to know that these group of people are devotees of the christian fellowship. Their belief and spiritual attachment is strong, the frame of mind and unity are totally incredible! I understand why the Chinese government banned Christianity in the olden era because of the fear of the unity of the people against toppling them. The fear of unity.

The secret of our Christian friends' success story is that they involved every part of other people's lives with activities, from house parties to sports carnival; and referral from friends, all in the name of their God. Even international artists are also part of the campaign to recruit more younger fans to join them. What an approach! Unity is strength I reckon.

By looking at yesterday's night performance, I am sure this year's Emerge 2008 is another success for the church and its fellowship. Applaud to our Christian friends, Good Work~

Note to self: I truly enjoyed the gospel songs, especially it is presented as pop songs. I felt like I was in a concert listening to Avil Lavign but in a different twist.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drinking with good friends

There's a Chinese sayings that goes "when you found a good friend to drink with you, even you have drunk 1000 glasses, it is still insufficient"酒逢知己千杯少. That's how I described my encounter with my buddies, YZ and HJ.

I do not know how my dear buddy, YZ, came up with an idea with drinking his dad's precious white wine, a 2002 French wine which I do not remember the name. I guess he just need some buddies to drink with this lonely boy for a change. But I must say, nothing beats the enjoyment of a delicious drink with a good friend like YZ and HJ.

Because good things are meant to be shared.

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Rich Superheroes

Yesterday, I went watching "The Dark Knight". After watching, I have this question in mind, 'how come all the DC comics characters without supernatural powers are always portrayed as rich and famous?".

Comic characters such as Bruce Wayne in Batman and Tony Stark in Iron Man MUST be RICH and FAMOUS. Then, I realized that because they need fundings for their gadgets and also new technology to improve their mobility and movements.

That's explained why each Batman episodes you watched in the cinema has different variations as the years passed. New gadgets and new exciting things to look forward to. Every new invention requires funds for so-called R&D.

Well, I wonder when is the new gadgets, new suits or new automobile coming from DC comic characters put on big-screen?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Homestay Experience in Shirakawa, Fukushima

A new place to visit, Fukushima. It is a place which I have heard about three years ago from a very close friend, of his beautiful hometown in Fukushima. And this time, I am destined to go to this wonderful place which he told me so much about.

On arrival, his brother, Seiji, and sister in-law, Yasuyo, came to pick my mom and I up at the train station. It took us around 2 hours to reach this beautiful suburbs surrounded by greens. From the station, it took us around 15 minutes to arrive their beautiful home.

Dinner was very fulfilling because we have a feast. Dishes include Ayu Fish, Sanzai, some pickles (Tsukemono) and peaches (momo) for dessert. The dinner was very delicious. Just before dinner, Takashi's & Seiji's mother, Kimiko baa-chan gave us her collection of her hand-made Oshi-E (an art piece with colourful papers pasted on hardboard). Very beautiful indeed.

On the first night itself, I have first and ever experience earthquake when I was about to go to bed on 23rd July. It lasted about 5 minutes. It was exciting as I could feel the glasses clanking against each other, moving earth shakily, and also movement of walls and the lights above your head. It's scary, but a true experience. My host family is even more shock than I did when Yasuyo came to check I was alright. I later understood from the news it was the 6-degree earthquake in Iwate that resulted the aftermath.

My host brought us to visit Komine-Jo, a castle which is very much as itself, with a beautiful garden around it. Too bad we were too early and the castle was closed. I would have love to go in and look at the inner structure. We then visited an exhibit of the Shirakawa war time history just besides the castle.

After a short visit there, we proceed to try out painting Dharma doll. The Dharma doll is believed to bring good fortune and luck to the owner. But the Japanese believed wealth should be accumulated, and they will start with the smallest Dharma doll available, and change the doll by the year to signify that your wealth and luck has accumulated. I find it pretty interesting, and the belief may hold its truth. My host bought us a pair of small Dharma doll, and we painted our medium-sized Dharma doll too. We also visited the small factory behind the premise to take a closer look on how Dharma doll is made.

The day's activity brought us to Nanko Park, it is a famous and big man-made park. The park houses many floras and faunas. Next to the park lies a tea house, which we experienced simple tea-drinking with Wagashi (Japanese sweets) while enjoying the view in the park. The garden is beautiful indeed. Next to the park is Nanko Jinjya, a shrine where Yasuyo and Seiji was married 32 years ago. How romantic! We then tried the Nanko Danko sweets just beside the parks.

The day's highlight was then to the mountain of Nasuo. There, we went to see the beautiful mountains and also to try out local village delicacies and also to the Hotspring! After my hotspring experience in Hokkaido, I began to fall in love with Onsen. It's truly refreshing and relaxing. I enjoyed the day very much!

After going home from the mountain, we then went to supermarket to prepare the ingredients for that night's dinner. We were cooking Bak Kut Teh for my host to try. The dinner was awesome, but it's a bit heaty. I suggested to Yasuyo to cook this during winter. The high note for the night was to celebrate Seiji birthday falling on the next day 25th July. He'll turn 59. I was told that Japanese celebrate 60th and 88th birthday. How unusual, and new to know. I wonder why.

Just a night before we departed to Takayama, we went to pay a visit to Yoshizo Jii-chan, whom I have heard so much about from Takashi. After seeing him in real person, I felt so elated to meet such a great man. I really enjoyed his company and he is a very tough man with lots of knowledge to share with. Also, Yasuyo gave me a fan made from Kiri-E (paper cutting art). It was very nice of her. Maybe it was then that triggered my love for them for being so kind and generous host to me. I was very moved, and shed some tears in front of them. Very embarrassing indeed.

Thank you very much, Seiji, Yasuyo, Kimiko Baa-chan and Yoshizo Jii-chan for your warm hospitality. I will never forget your your kindness and generosity extended to me and my mom.