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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

FFK - the truth, the bad, the ugly

I was quite disappointed, well, hurt.

It was Christmas night, cold and wet Christmas night.

While driving joicefully to our gathering; I suddenly received a messege at the 11th hour for the cancellation of our joyful appointment. I was sad. Sad indeed for the news that my friend got ill; yet sadder to know that since the illness was indeed in place, at least have the courtesy to let others know about it, SOONEST!

In fact, getting ill is not a sudden thing, it may be, I don't know. I was hurt, not because my friend was just ill, but the promise I have to fulfill to another friend, whom I have invited earlier.

Anyhow, to cut the sorrow story short, I brought my friend to Rum Jungle for fun of it, as well as a compensation on this night of giving.

Maybe Christmas is indeed a day/night of forgiving and forget.

Let this be a lesson I have learnt, and remembered. Then move on.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The festive season joy is around the corner. It's time to wish all of you


Monday, December 19, 2005

SMARTies Get-together

On 14th December, the SMART gang first to third generations have had a wonderful gathering at the newly renovated Q-Bar at Sunway Pyramid. The gathering was called upon by Evan.

At first I thought it was cancelled, and then I received an email from Fedelia to confirm the event. It was a complete miscommunication. But in the end, I turned up after 9pm after a two-hour Japanese class in Subang Jaya.

There were about XX of us (from my memory of the night): Evan the host, Fedelia, Stephen, Victor, Chee Hooi, Me (First Generation); El Regina, Dion, A guy with specs (Generation 2); Jerry, a guy with a spec again (third generation). I hope Fedelia could help me to sort out the names. Arrgh~

Anyway, I was late and was forced to approach some nice pimple guy at the bar counter who was talking with his friend. So, I just went over to get the phone number (a sort of punishment for late-comer). It was as easy as a click. In no time, I have my mission accomplished. I know it's a lame thing to do, but hey, I did it!

Truth or Dare was another game of excitement, and disgusting, if you asked me. For me, I chose "Dare" and I had to lick someone's ear. Technically, Evan suggested that and guess what? He himself got the lick, I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but the experience was hahaha & eew...

I have been able to sit through the Truth or Dare because I was one of the few left. Then, we proceeded to the dance floor. By then, most of the 2nd and 3rd Generation had gone for another appointments or home. Just left us the First Generation: Stephen, Fedelia, Evan, Victor and Me. We basically just shook our body with the mood of the music. I knew that I was tired and should be retired to bed, but I just hanged on.

Evan was the winner of the day. Not only has he paid for all the drinks and food (Thanks, pal), but managed to table-jumped to a pool of sexy girls near the bar counter. The encounter was not brief at all. We were discussing about it, coupled with Victor's envious look, of course.

About 45 minutes to an hour later (of course with the body shaking, and some washroom visiting), Evan came back with yet another surprise. A red wine treat. Cheers to Evan! That's not it, the biggest laugh that we had that night was witnessing both the Libran and the Gemini sharing non-stop, on topics "how to tackle girl" (I presumed). The guru-apprentice session lasted about an hour before we went on with a few butt shake and called it a day off.

It was a tiring event that I have long lost touched of. But, hey, it's once in a while, sounds kinda cool, and I have enjoyed myself very much. That was when I suggested to have another PD trip revisit next year. But then again, Stephen will be organising a drinking cum house warming party on the first saturday for the year 2006. That should do it! Now Evan had set a high standard of how a true host really is, I bet Stephen will have to work harder on this.

Looking forward to our new year gathering.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Birthday Chen!

Yesterday, my colleagues, the mighty eight of us - birthday boy Chen, Eonn, Eric, Stewart, Barbara, Tiffany, Calvin and me, went to Yuen Restaurant for our dinner cum birthday celebration for Chen, our dear honest colleague.

We were supposed to go wall-climbing at Summit USJ, but had to cancel it as not many want to go climbing. So straight to sumptious dinner.

Chen Funn Wai, or for short Ah Chen, we always call him, had turned 39 this year. His status of the bachelor will be shifted again next year, once the number 3 change to 4. Will be looking forward to the transformation, if you asked me. Hahaha. I am glad that he still looks young though he is already 39. Keep it up, my dear friend!

The steamboat dinner was really delicious, at least better than the one we have visited earlier at Bandar Menjalara. Plus point here is that it's strategic located and it comes with affordable prices. It's worth the money. Strongly recommended for parties or for large group. A tip for you people too: if you have 7 people or less, you will get only one hot pot; but with 8 and above, there will be two pots to go around. Enjoy!

We have loads of fun and enjoyable moments. Wish we could have more moments of togetherness with our colleagues. I have enjoyed myself to the fullest, I hope the birthday boy did too. P.S. Chen bought us dinner. Thanks pal, you're the best!

Happy Birthday Chen!

Elin's Birthday Celebration

It was a joyous moment on the 9th December, for my dear friend Elin, from the advertising world, is celebrating her birthday this month. It was brought forward to that day, as she will be away during her big day.

The event was called on by the birthday girl and her other dear friend, David. How sweet they are.

Dinner party at Piccolo Pizza starts at 2100 hours as we had to wait for everyone at Elin's workplace in Damansara Heights. It was one of the favourite spot by Elin and David, apparently. The funny part was that they don't remember where it was, and we had to walk from one end of the shop to the other. And guess what, it was the first shop where I parked my car at afterall!Really funny.

The night was of great fun as we shared some information, gossips and also latest happenings around and of course about the unique dishes and the so-so services at the shop. I was happy to be acquaited with two new friends (oops, don't remember their name now)

Needless to say, I was glad to bring the camera to Elin's birthday to capture the true moment of the very day.

Happy Birthday Elin!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yearly Appraisal - what the words really mean

Got this from a friend about year-end appraisal. It's really funny. Read on...

1) Outgoing personality - Always going out of the office
2) Great presentation skills - Able to bullshit
3) Good communication skills - Spends a lot of time on the phone
4) Work is first priority - Too ugly to get a date
5) Active socially - Drinks a lot
6) Independent worker - No one knows what you are doing
7) Quick thinking - Gives excuses on the go
8) Careful thinker - Will not make decisions
9) Uses logic on difficult jobs - Gets someone else to do it
10) Expresses themselves well - Speaks English
11) Meticulous attention to detail - A nit-picker
12) Has leadership qualities - Is tall or has a louder voice
13) Exceptionally good judgment - Has been very lucky
14 ) Keen sense of humor - Knows a lot of dirty jokes
15) Career minded - Back stabber
16) Loyal - Cannot get another job elsewhere
17) Plans for advancement/promotion - Buys drinks for all the boys
18) Of great value to the organization - Gets to work on time
19) Relaxed attitude - Sleeps on the desk

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Air Asia 航空免费机票

昨天,我的同事和我们分享了一件喜事:Air Asia 航空免费赠送两百万张机票。



我预订了三人份在七月份出发到哥打京那巴鲁五日游,总算可以带妈妈和弟弟一起出游。真的好快乐。这一次,一定可以会见Aunty Wong,好让她带领我们游山玩水,吃个足够。我连明年的休假申请也办了, 真的好期待。





突然间,有感雪糕生意不像我们小时侯的那位骑着脚踏车或电单车雪糕uncle那般,响着“叭叭”声的喇叭并用清脆的声音喊着“ice-cream, ice cream”。现在,全部都以打响市场的高品牌,特别是外国引进的名牌雪糕,如:Haegen-Daz, Baskin Robbins, Anderson Ice Cream, 多不胜数,占据了我们生活中的一部分了。





Thursday, December 08, 2005

Top 10 Languages in the World

10. French
Number of speakers: 129 million
Often called the most romantic language in the world, French is spoken in tons of countries, including Belgium, Canada, Rwanda, Cameroon, and Haiti. Oh, and France too. We're actually very lucky that French is so popular, because without it, we might have been stuck with Dutch Toast, Dutch Fries, and Dutch kissing (ew!).

To say "hello" in French, say "Bonjour" (bone-JOOR).

9. Malay-Indonesian
Number of speakers: 159 million
Malay-Indonesian is spoken - surprise - in Malaysia and Indonesia. Actually, we kinda fudged the numbers on this one because there are many dialects of Malay, the most popular of which is Indonesian. But they're all pretty much based on the same root language, which makes it
the ninth most-spoken in the world.

Indonesia is a fascinating place; a nation made up of over 13,000 islands it is the sixth most populated country in the world. Malaysia borders on two of the larger parts of Indonesia (including the island of Borneo), and is mostly known for its capital city of Kuala Lumpur.

To say "hello" in Indonesian, say "Selamat pagi" (se-LA-maht PA-gee).

8. Portuguese
Number of speakers: 191 million
Think of Portuguese as the little language that could. In the 12th Century, Portugal won its independence from Spain and expanded all over the world with the help of its famous explorers like Vasco da Gama and Prince Henry the Navigator. (Good thing Henry became a navigator . . .
could you imagine if a guy named "Prince Henry the Navigator" became a florist?) Because Portugal got in so early on the exploring game, the language established itself all over the world, especially in Brazil (where it's the national language), Macau, Angola, Venezuela, and

To say "hello" in Portuguese, say "Bom dia" (bohn DEE-ah).

7. Bengali
Number of speakers: 211 million
In Bangladesh, a country of 120+ million people, just about everybody speaks Bengali. And because Bangladesh is virtually surrounded by India (where the population is growing so fast, just breathing the air can get you pregnant), the number of Bengali speakers in the world is much higher than most people would expect.

To say "hello" in Bengali, say "Ei Je" (EYE-jay).

6. Arabic
Number of speakers: 246 million
Arabic, one of the world's oldest languages, is spoken in the Middle East, with speakers found in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Egypt. Furthermore, because Arabic is the language of the Koran, millions of Moslems in other countries speak
Arabic as well. So many people have a working knowledge of Arabic, in fact, that in 1974 it was made the sixth official language of the United Nations.

To say "hello" in Arabic, say "Al salaam a'alaykum" (Ahl sah-LAHM ah

5. Russian
Number of speakers: 277 million
Mikhail Gorbachev, Boris Yeltsin, and Yakov Smirnoff are among the millions of Russian speakers out there. Sure, we used to think of them as our Commie enemies. Now we think of them as our Commie friends. One of the six languages in the UN, Russian is spoken not only in the Mother Country, but also in Belarus, Kazakhstan, and the U.S. (to name just a few places).

To say "hello" in Russian, say "Zdravstvuite" (ZDRAST-vet-yah).

4. Spanish
Number of speakers: 392 million
Aside from all of those kids who take it in high school, Spanish is spoken in just about every South American and Central American country, not to mention Spain, Cuba, and the U.S. There is a particular interest in Spanish in the U.S., as many English words are borrowed from the
language, including: tornado, bonanza, patio, quesadilla, enchilada, and taco grande supreme.

To say "hello" in Spanish, say "Hola" (OH-la).

3. Hindustani
Number of speakers: 497 million
Hindustani is the primary language of India's crowded population, and it encompasses a huge number of dialects (of which the most commonly spoken is Hindi). While many predict that the population of India will soon surpass that of China, the prominence of English in India prevents
Hindustani from surpassing the most popular language in the world. If you're interested in learning a little Hindi, there's a very easy way: rent an Indian movie. The film industry in India is the most prolific in the world, making thousands of action/romance/musicals every year.

To say "hello" in Hindustani, say "Namaste" (Nah-MAH-stay).

2. English
Number of speakers: 508 million
While English doesn't have the most speakers, it is the official language of more countries than any other language. Its speakers hail from all around the world, including the U.S., Australia, England, Zimbabwe, the Caribbean, Hong Kong, South Africa, and Canada. We'd tell you more about English, but you probably feel pretty comfortable with the language already. Let's just move on to the most popular language in the world.

To say "hello" in English, say "What's up, freak?" (watz-UP-freek).

1. Mandarin
Number of speakers: 1 billion+
Surprise, surprise, the most widely spoken language on the planet is based in the most populated country on the planet, China. Beating second-place English by a 2 to 1 ratio, but don't let that lull you into thinking that Mandarin is easy to learn. Speaking Mandarin can be really
tough, because each word can be pronounced in four ways (or "tones"), and a beginner will invariably have trouble distinguishing one tone from another. But if over a billion people could do it, so could you. Try saying hello!

To say "hello" in Mandarin, say "Ni hao" (Nee HaOW). ("Hao" is pronounced as one syllable, but the tone requires that you let your voice drop midway, and then raise it again at the end.)

Legal Issue on Contract Law in Malaysia

Good for us to know This is something I like to share with you from one of my friend's seminar recently. If you find this informative, please circulate.

It was conducted by A/P Catherine Tay on Legal issues in E-commerce. Notice that most of the time, the receipt/invoice you received from the merchant carries this exclusion clause or similarly worded statement: "Goods sold are not returnable" or "No refund once sold" The thing that we have learnt from her is that : "As long as your good is purchased for home use and not for business (ie.to be resold), the above exclusion clause is VOID.

That means, as long as the good is defective, regardless of what is worded, you CAN get back all your money spent. You do not have to accept a repair on the good or an exchange. You CAN ask for a refund. AND you are LEGALLY right and entitled to!

What a relevation!! And most of the time the merchant will refuse to return you your money. Her advice? From her own experience (and no less than 7 and all successful!), she will threaten the merchant with four words: "SEE YOU IN COURT!" The court here refers to the Small Claims Tribunal Court.

However, you don't have to tell them what court! All you have to pay is $10 admin fee and the loser (the merchant) will have to refund you the money PLUS the admin fee! She shared this with us because she felt that even educated people are cowed by such unfair wordings (which include her jaded friends who are not lawyers). Pls try not to let the merchant fleece you the next time you have a defective good.

You can file this on the 16th floor of Putra Place (The Mall opposite Putra World Trade Centre). The form cost RM5.00. The Tribunal will settle within 2 months periods.

Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna Malaysia,
Tingkat 16, Putra Place,
100, Jalan Putra,
Tel: 03 - 40492300 / 40424181
Fax: 03 - 40424259

Tuesday, December 06, 2005









Monday, December 05, 2005



试回顾一下,用“大”字的词有什么呢?大律师、大明星、大师、大医生等的称号,美不胜收。这种尊号是特别为这些大名鼎鼎的人物增设的,用意在于尊重并赞美这些伟大的贡献者,很了不起哦。当然,令人自豪的事情,当然要夸大其词, 越“大”越好,大好事传千里嘛。


















12,快乐要有悲伤作陪,雨过应该就有天晴。如果雨后还是雨,如果忧伤之后还是忧伤.请让我们从容面对这离别之后的离别。 微笑地去寻找一个不可能出现的你!


14,你出生的时候,你哭着,周围的人笑着;你逝去的时候,你笑着,而周围的人在哭!一切都是轮回!!!! 我们都在轮回中!!!!







21,生命中,不断地有人离开或进入。于是,看见的,看不见的;记住的,遗忘了。 生命中,不断地有得到和失落。于是,看不见的,看见了;遗忘的,记住了。 然而,看不见的,是不是就等于不存在?记住的,是不是永远不会消失?





Sunday, December 04, 2005

Lovely E-Card

I have received a lovely e-card recently. Sharing with you the love. How touching!

I love you. Not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me you bring out you have done it without a touch without a word without a sign you have done it by being yourself perhaps this is what being a wonderful boyfriend means after all i received your card it is card of angles, hope for your happiness & success in your life. I love you Not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you I love you not only for what you have made of yourself but what you are making of me. I love you for the part of me you bring out you have done it without a touch without a word without a sign you have done it by being yourself perhaps this is what being a wonderful boyfriend means after all- xxx -

Home Alone

I was home alone yesterday. It was a totally new experience for me as it's my first time in a new environment. It was quiet, real quiet. A sudden chill was into me. Maybe it's the cold wind blowing outside, or just the feeling of loneliness all of a sudden.

My family went for a trip down to Port Dickson for a weekend getaway, while my other brother went to a two-week program at Brickfields. So, yeap, just left me, the lonely me.

Since there is nothing to do, I finally took our the Japanese drama VCDs to watch. It's quite ashamed that I have borrowed these VCDs and yet to watch them all. So, maybe it's the best time to have a movie marathon. On one sitting, I watched 5 VCDs (1 set has around 8 VCDs). I actually wanted to watch much more but couldn't take it as my eyes are shutting its shutters, on and off.

It was an enjoyable night, doing something I have longed to complete. I guess this month will also be a month where I am going to spend my after-work nights to catch up on the VCDs and my sleep.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Book Reviews

I was going through some of my old files and found some book reviews I did during my junior high school. I know it sounds silly, but just want it to be immortalised in my blog.

1) The Enemy
This is a detective story about a murder, an attempt of injuring others.

George Ashton, a scientist who was well known in England. He was once a scientist and a dangerous weapon creator. He had two daughters, Gillian and Penelope. Penelope was taking after his father in science, she was a genetic scientist.

The incident which George Ashton and the housekeeper, Benson, was vanished in crowds when his eldest daughter, Gillian, had an accident; someone had thrown acid on her face. George knew about it and for Penelope's safety, he ran away from the mansion as quickly as he could.

However, Anderson, was Penelope's boyfriend, an undercover agent to check against George Ashton. No one knew about him. After Gillian was assualted, he told Gillian who he was and what was his work about. She was shocked to hear that.

Later, a man named Lord Gregar was after George Ashton's case. Anderson was surprised that Gregar was to be interested in such case, whereby it was not in Gregar's field. Anderson thought that George Ashton must be someone who was not as simple as he thought. He went back to the department to get hold of George Ashton's files and background check. He was curious to find out that George Ashton was a Russian scientist, who helped to invent dangerous yet powerful weapon.

Later, George Ashton was killed by Benton. This made the case even more complicated. But, Anderson was at the scene when Benson shot Ashton. He then shot Benson with his pistol. Anderson found a cutting from his wallet. Inside, was a piece of paper which written: Anything about Benson and Ashton, call Gregar 3930564.

When Anderson searched Ashton's house, he noticed an empty-kept-locked room behind a wall. He was cursious the reason Ashton kept it empty and yet locked. On the other side of the room, he noticed a set of model railway tracks and trains, which was arranged in a peculiar manner. THe engine was in complicated manner that not many people knew the way to access it. His friend, who was so keen on model trains was able to find the key to make it functionable. It was an amazing experience for Anderson because no one had had the access to it so far. Then, Anderson checked on a thick book which contained the departure and arrival timetables. He had compared the timetables with the local timetable. The time was totally different and Anderson can hardly figured out.

Then, Anderson and Penny were kidnapped and were brought to an isolated island. Dangerous genetic and biological experiements were carried out there. After a few days, he realised that Lord Gregard was behind this. One day, when Gregar came to visit, Anderson pounced on him and they struggled and had knocked over some containers that contained highly dangerous fungus. The door was kept locked by the other scientists as a form of quarantine.

At last, Anderson was safe and Gregar was brought to justice. He was illegally undergoing biological experiments and attempted to kill George Ashton.

Yeah, I know it's a bit lame. It was my earlier work while reading for my English class. If you want to stop here, please by all means. Unless you find it to be interesting, read on...

2) Cry Freedom
This is another Black-man stories written by John Brirey. This true story was based on a real man, a very influence man, Steve Biko. He fight for justice and awanted revolutions. Althought the white government was very afraid of his power and intelligence, they still find ways to stop him from massive assault towards the government. He was known as a wanted man in South Africa at that time.

A journalist, Donald Woods, was convering his story at that time. Steve Biko was very impressed by his work and knew that he could help him to fight against the government. Although Woods was just an editor in the newspaper, Daily Dispatch, he helped Biko a lot. He and Biko was met when Biko's men brought Woods to him.

Biko was an intelligent man influential enough to make people or strangers believed in his stories. Woods was one of them. He believed him not as a wanted black man, but a very close firend. He then started to cover his stories and some others Black-stories. The white men in the town were angry for his actions. Woods' newspaper pals told him not to be decieved by Biko's words. They assured Woods that the government would not let him off easily. Woods was grateful to them, but he could not break the promise. A man got to do what he's got to do. He insisted on revealing the true side of Steve Biko, instead of any of the government's propaganda against Biko.

From that moment on, Woods was in lots of troubles. His house was burglared and barged into. None of the white neighbours were dare to help them. The Woods family knew they were getting into trouble, but none of them were giving up nor backing out. They believed that one day, the truth will be known sooner of later.

The newspaper was closed down due to Woods provocative writing in his article. However, he had not given in. He still wanted to fight for Biko. Meanwhile, Biko was apprehended by the lcoal authorities. They questioned him and beaten him to death. This led to a black riot. Many black men who admired Biko's courage were in rage. They vowed to fight for Biko's rights.

At Biko's funeral, many turned up, mostly black men. Woods and wife were the only white couple who were allowed to that noble ceremony. Woods was in great sorrow of Biko's sudden death. He knew that although Biko had left his brothers to another world, the government would not let his brothers off that easy. They were suffering. Woods knew the only way to save Biko and his native friends was to seek help in Britain.

However, the local government who knew about Woods' help towards Biko detained him and would not let him out of the country. His documents were confiscated. He had no choice but to stay on. The church priest, who was a good friend of Biko and Woods was willing to help him to get out of the country. His wife was to stay in the country for diversion. He was to disguise as a priest and a holder of another priest's passport. He managed to get away from the nasty self-governed white men.

Woods' great escape was a close one. He was nearly caught when he was at the border towards the northen part of South Africa. When he finally boarded the plane, he was praying for Biko and his people, for he was about to change the life of Biko's brothers. He had fulfilled his promise and the hope for freedom of his friend, a true African hero, the late Steve Biko.

I know the following article has been a classics, and has been much well written compared to myself. I guess, I just gave away the plot easily, so, no point you people to read the whole book. Hahaha...

3) Wuthering Heights
This story was written by Emily Bronte. This is a story about a man, Mr. Lockwood, who was renting a house where tragic was happened. The house was known as Wuterhing Height and the owner was Mr. Heatcliff who was an anti-social landlord.

Heathcliff, was adopted as a child by Mr. Earnshaw. Mr Earnshaw has another son, Hidley and a daughter, Catherine. Heatcliff, however was always being beaten and looked down upon by Hindley. He wanted to fight back but couldn't. Cathering, on the other hand, was kind and loving. She cared for Heatcliff and in return, Heatcliff would protect her whenever he could.

After their father died, Hindley, as the older brother, wanted Cathering to marry Edgar from the Linton family. Heatcliff was dissapointed and his heart crushed to pieces, for he loved Cathering not only as sister but also as wife. Edgar had married Cathering. Besides, Hindley was cruel to Heatcliff and demanded Heatcliff to stay with the servants and worked in the field. This made Heatcliff left the house to seek his fortune, without losing hope that Cathering would someday return to be his beloved wife.

After a few months, Catherine gave birth to a baby girl, whose name was Cathy. Meanwhile, Hindley was married to Frances. Unfortunately, she died after giving birth o Hereton. Hindley had become mad after his wife died. He hated Hereton, even to look at him. Ellen, the maid, was afraid that Hindley was to kill his only son, so she took good care of Hereton. After Frances' death, Hindley didn't work and was insane. Soon enough, his father's fortune was all gone. He always come home drunk and everyone in Wuthering Heights was scared of him.

Unexpectedly, Heatcliff came back to Wuthering Height after three years in town. Hindley was totally welcoming Heatcliff because of his fortune. He went to Catherine at Linton's cottage across Yorkshire Moors. They talked and laughed as if they were children again. Heatcliff never liked Edgar. That's why he and Edgar was like enemy.

Edgar had a sister, Isabella. She was in love with Heatcliff at first sight. She started to visit Heatcliff at Wuthering Heights. Edgar knew and forbided her from seeing Heatcliff. Later, Isabella was running away from her brother to Wuthering Height. Isabella was then married to Heatcliff and gave birth to a son, called Linton.

Catherine wanted Heatcliff to pay a quiet visit to her for her husband had forbidden her to Wuthering Height. She waited, waited, and waited. heatcliff did not turn up. She was sick and there was no cure for she had had heart sick. When Heatcliff was finally there to see Catherine, she was delighted at first. When she told Catherine that he no longer wanted to see her anymore for he had Isabella. She was heart-broken and her illness was never recovered.

She even tried to go Wuthering Height, but did not have the strength. She cried and cried all day and all night... until she wanted to open her bedroom window on a cold winter night. She died of cold after the cold wind blew hard on her weak body. Heatcliff was sad. After that day, Heatcliff often hit Isabella. He was suddenly turned into a beast, which no one has control of. Isabella was afraid Heatcliff might hurt her, so she ran away again to a far away land to hide from Heatcliff.

From that day, Heatcliff had often heard knocking sound from his bedroom's window. Catherine's voice could be heard. He was regretted that he never told the truth about his love towards Catherine and he blamed himself to have made Catherine died. Therefore, Ellen, the maid was to look after Heatcliff, Hereton, and Linton.

Oops, I only found three copies of the book reviews from my file. Thank you for making it till here. And, sorry that the stories sounds so boring. Well, talking about it, I find these to be boring to read. I only wonder what motivation was I having that made me sit through the whole book. I wonder ....

Friday, December 02, 2005